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When, less than a year ago, I had done an interview with NWOBHM veterans Vardis, little could I have imagined that it would have been one of the last interviews ever done by bass player Terry Horbury. In fact Terry passed away in December 2015 following a brief illness….two months shy of his 66th birthday. (The interview with Terry and the band is still available to see elsewhere in this online publication.) So, as Vardis prepares to launch their first album in exactly 30 years, I was eager to get the rundown of the situation as the band embarks on a new chapter in its history.

“Red Eye” is the name of the new album and it is scheduled for release on the 20th of May (2016).

In this video-interview founding member/guitarist/vocalist Steve Zodiac explains the band’s reasons for keeping the band alive following Terry’s death. Neo-recruit bassist Martin Connolly muses over his (very) brief stint with Black Sabbath. Drummer Joe Clancy describes his musical upbringing and collaborations with members of Iron Maiden. And all the band describe the “Red Eye” album…track by track. Enjoy!


Steve Zodiac: vocals & guitar
Martin Connolly: bass
Joe Clancy: drums

Discography (selection):
Red Eye (2016)
200 M.P.H. (EP – 2015)
Vigilante (1986)
Quo Vardis (1982)
The World’s Insane (1981)
100 M.P.H. (Live album – 1980)
100 M.P.H. (EP – 1979)

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