Interview with Thornbridge

Last month I reviewed the new album “What Will Prevail” by German power metallers Thornbridge and they were also kind enough to take the time a short while afterwards to answer some questions I had for them.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview guys. I have very much enjoyed listening to your debut album, which we gave 8/10.

1: You announced that you would be bringing back the ‘good old days’ of power metal which I feel you have done. What is it that made you decide this step was necessary?

It was not necessary, it just happened. Since we like to the ‘good old’ songs of the big powermetal bands, their influences can be found on our album “What Will Prevail”.

2: Were you ever concerned that in doing so it would be difficult to differentiate yourselves from other bands?

We will not keep on with this ‘copy­style’ for the next 20 years. There will be certainly new elements on every of our future albums in order to develop more originality. This way we try to become more distinguishable from other bands.

3: Did you always know you were going to go for this approach or was it something that just came about in the writing process?

Powermetal is certainly the style we wanted to play. However, the way the album sounds in the end was a development during the process of writing. “What Will Prevail” is full of all kind of cliches but we stand behind this for our album. We think we brought joy to a lot of people in many countries by doing so.

4: Does this mean that you will always choose to have an ‘old school’ approach to your music?

Not all all, we just do what we feel like. Of course there will always be some ‘old school’ elements since this 90s powermetal style had a huge influence on us. If we feel that the new album should be more trashy, we will just do it. I could imagine to have some latin american sounds, growling vocals or an Irish fiddle. We are entirely open!

5: I did not see any tour dates yet on your web site. Any hints about when we can expect this?

We are planning our concerts at the moment and applications are out now. Just check our Facebook page which is updated regularly.

6: If you could tour with anyone (still living), who and why?

This is the next topic we are going to tackle soon. We do not care too much with whom we are going to tour as long as it fits musically and the guys are cool. After all one has to get along for about 3 weeks and have a beer or two together.

7: Individually, what are your highlights from this release?

The whole thing is a big highlight for us. It is our debut album, the first record deal, the first video production, release party and so on. We are thrilled about the positive feedback of fans from all over the world and about what the future will bring

The review of their album can be found here

Here’s a taste:

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