Interview with HIRAX front man Katon W. de Pena

In the early 1980s, Katon W. DePena, vocalist and founding member of Hirax, played an active part in the nascent Californian Thrash scene together with bands such as Metallica, Exodus and Slayer. In March 2015, moments before Hirax played their first-ever UK gig, Katon cheerily answered a few questions that I had for him.

Label: SPV (
Current line-up:
Katon W. de Pena – vocals
Lance Harrison – guitars
Steve Harrison – bass 
Mika Vega – drums
Album discography:
Immortal Legacy (2014)
El Rostro de la Muerte (2009)
The New Age of Terror (2004)
Hate, Fear and Power (1986)
Raging Violence (1985)


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