Interview with DIAMOND HEAD guitarist Brian Tatler

Diamond Head was one of the chief exponents of the NWOBHM. “Lightning To The Nations” – the band’s debut full-length – is regarded as a Metal classic. And yet, the influence wielded and the high esteem the band enjoys the world over somehow didn’t always translate into success. Indeed the band split up more than once since being formed back in 1978. That first line-up featured Brian Tatler (guitars), Duncan Scott (drums), Sean Harris (vocals) and Colin Kimberley (bass).

Now, with a rejuvinated line-up, Diamond Head is working on their first album in 8 years and in this brief interview Brian Tatler gives us the run-down on this hotly anticipated release.

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Band: Diamond Head (
Current line-up:
Rasmus Bom Andersen – vocals
Brian Tatler – guitars
Andy ‘Abbz’ Abberley – guitars
Eddie ‘Chaos’ Moohan – bass
Karl Wilcox – drums
Album discography:
What’s in Your Head? (2007)
All Will Be Revealed (2005)
Death and Progress (1993)
Canterbury (1983)
Borrowed Time (1982)
Lightning to the Nations (1980)

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