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Formed in 2014, The Darker My Horizon are based in London, England, are self-reliant and a series of high-profile support slots have managed to get their quality Melodic Hard Rock to a wider audience. In March 2016 the band released their sophomore album “No Superhero” and the band is slowly but surely gaining ground in the global music scene.

This is without a doubt the fastest interview I’ve ever done. The Darker My Horizon have just made debut album “Acquiesce” available as a free download and I wanted to ask lead vocalist/guitarist Paul Stead for a quote to accompany a related news item on this publication. One….maybe two…questions was all I wanted to ask. Paul welcomed my invitation with open arms and my 2 question evolved into a proper mini-interview. So less than 24 hours after I thought that perhaps I should contact the band, here it is, the interview with Paul Stead of The Darker My Horizon.

The Darker My Horizon

The Darker My Horizon have just made available “Acquiesce” – the band’s debut album – as a free download. How come?

Paul Stead: We’re very proud of “Acquiesce” – it received amazing reviews from all over the world and essentially led to great live opportunities with the likes of Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime, Nazareth, Terry Brock and Grim Reaper. As a self-financed band it paid for itself in experiences and good times. Now we’re pushing our 2nd release “No Superhero” we want to be heard by more people, gain new friends and fans – and we know what the music world is like now – so, if you’re going to listen to it for free on Spotify or Deezer etc, have the real thing. Then you can listen on anything.

How would you describe that album?

Paul: We feel “Acquiesce” is a cross between 80’s hard rock and where we are now, with our own tastes – more modern. For example we play in drop-d which allows for a different kind of riff. The melody is still the most important thing, we want people to sing a-long. But there’s something for everyone on there, ballads, poppier tracks, old school hard rock and more modern brooding tracks. We’d say it’s a cross between Warrant and Nickelback.

What does the title ‘acquiesce’ refer to?

Paul: “Acquiesce” means accepting something that’s ended without knowing why it’s happened and moving on. Guitarist Mark Stephenson and I were in a band called Sacred Heart – we had a great time and played with some amazing bands. That ended, we had a break, started fresh with TDmH so “Acquiesce” seemed like an apt title.

How different is “No Superhero” from “Acquiesce”?

Paul: “No Superhero” is slightly heavier than “Acquiesce” – though it still has a mixture of styles and something for everyone. Still very catchy and melodic but with another step closer to the modern touch. A lot of groove based riffs too.

I have the impression another drummer joined The Darker My Horizon recently…does he play in “No Superhero”?

Paul: Our original drummer Gavin Tester played on both albums. Sadly – due to the need for an operation on this vertebrae – he simply couldn’t continue on. He was in a great deal of pain playing, and no matter how much you love what you do health comes first. We wish him well.

Gavin Tester


Mark Stephenson


Max Notaro


Paul Stead

What about the rest of the band…including yourself….have there been any significant moments as musicians prior to The Darker My Horizon?

Paul: As stated previously, Mark and I were in Sacred Heart. We released four incredibly well received albums and played shows with a whole host of amazing bands – many of which influenced us – Thunder, Dokken, Blaze Bayley/Wolfsbane, Asia, The Quireboys, Kee Marcello, Mitch Malloy and many more. We’ve played in front of 4 people and 4000, but we always have a great time. Bassist Max Notaro was in a Bon Jovi tribute and played to packed houses at Lords Cricket Ground and MTV after party in Berlin (amongst many things) – so we thoroughly enjoyed getting to the point we’re at now.

The new album has a song called ‘No Superhero part one’….why the ‘part 1’ of the song title?

Paul: “No Superhero” is a metaphor. It’s not about having powers, quite the opposite! It’s a metaphor for being in a relationship where no matter how hard you try, or what you do – it’s never enough… so “Part One” is saying I’m doing all I can, please meet me halfway and work through this together. “Part Two” is accepting it’s over and realising that actually life is looking better without that daily fight and struggle.

What’s does The Darker My Horizon have planned for the near future?

Paul: We have already begun working on album no.3, which will be released early summer 2017 – and we’re extremely excited about it. We have a tour during February and March, which includes our first mainland Europe dates (Czech Republic) and we’ll be adding other countries to that list. We have some festival dates booked and we’re supporting acclaimed hair metallers Enuff Z’nuff in London [March 2017]. So lots to look forward to!

Many thanks to Chris and the team for chatting with us. Download “Acquiesce” (all 15 tracks!) at and please stop by our Facebook page and say hello. Paul Stead TDmH


The Darker My Horizon – current line-up


Current line-up:
Paul Stead – lead vocals/guitar
Mark Stephenson – guitars & backing vocals
Max Notaro – bass & backing vocals
Gavin Rodriguez – drums


Album discography:
“No Superhero” (2016)
“Acquiesce” (2015)


“No Superhero” available from:
No Superhero cover
Link to download debut album “Acquiesce” for FREE:




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