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VISION DIVINE (Ivan Giannini: the band’s new singer)

Today Vision Divine announced Ivan Giannini as the band’s new singer. In conjunction with this, the band is releasing a new single and video entitled ‘Angel of Revenge’, with Ivan on lead vocals.

This is the related post that has appeared on Vision Divine’s FaceBook page:

“It is our pleasure to debut our new video single “Angel of Revenge”:  this is our very first song with our new line-up, featuring Ivan Giannini on vocals and Mike Terrana on drums. We hope you enjoy it !!! 

Stay tuned for more infos ( we’re going to announce our next shows) and subscribe to our channels. Thank you all for the support and the faith. We are back and we’re here to stay!

You can download/listen to the audio, also by clickin on this link and then by choosing your favorite portal:

Vision Divine is one of the most important Power Metal bands from Italy. The band was formed by Labÿrinth guitarist Olaf Thörsen in 1998 as a solo project but it then turned into a full-time band with the addition of the former Labÿrinth singer Fabio Lione.

With high-calibre singers such as Fabio Lione and Michele Luppi having previously sung with Vision Divine, Ivan Giannini has big shoes to fill. But having seen him twice sing with Airforce (the band featuring Doug Sampson, Iron Maiden’s ex-drummer), I know he is more than capable of rising to the challenge.

The last time I met Ivan (in November 2018, in London) I improvised this brief interview with him but I was unable to reveal anything until Vision Divine make a formal announcement. In the interview Ivan and myself refer to 2018 as “last year” because we thought the official announcement would be made in January 2019.


Listen to Ivan Giannini talk about himself joining Vision Divine:


Below is the video-clip of ‘Angel Of Revenge’, by Vision Divine:



Destination Set to Nowhere (2012 )
9 Degrees West of the Moon (2009)
The 25th Hour (2007)
The Perfect Machine (2005)
Stage of Consciousness (Video - 2005 )
Stream of Consciousness (2004 )
Send Me an Angel (2002)
Vision Divine (1999)

Current Line-Up:

Ivan Giannini - vocals
Olaf Thorsen - guitar
Federico Puleri - guitar
Andrea 'Tower' Torricini - bass
Alessio Lucatti - keyboards
Mike Terrana - drums

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