Video-interview with Pete Franklin of CHARIOT


Let me make one thing clear…the new album from Chariot is a killer. More of the world needs to capitulate under the might of this album. Driven by this objective, I took a walk down to the pub to meet up with Pete Franklin, lead vocalist and guitarist with Chariot. He also co-founded the band back in 1983, formed the band Dirty Deeds (with pre-Judas Priest guitarist Ritchie Faulkner) before then reforming Chariot around 2004.

Besides discussing “The New Horizon Dawns” Pete makes some intriguing revelations such as his connection with a pre-Iron Maiden Paul Di’Anno and his life’s crossroads with Steve Harris who lived within walking distance from him, in this the North Eastern corner of London.

Happy viewing!


(Albums, except where mentioned)
The New Horizon Dawns (2018)
Demons & Angels (2014)
In the Blood (2012)
Behind the Wire (2006)
Sweating Blood - Live at The Marquee (video - 1986)
Burning Ambition (1986)
The Warrior (1984)

Current Line-Up:

Pete Franklin - vocals, guitars
Paul Lane - guitars
John Smith - bass
Jeff Braithwaite - drums

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