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Sin Quirin – Interview – Amerikkkant

(Complete Interview at the bottom of the article.)

Power of Metal’s raVen sat down with Ministry’s Sin Quirin to disuss the upcoming “Amerikkkant” Tour making a stop at the Wilma Theater in Missoula, Montana on April 3rd, 2018.  The team at Logjam Presents continues to fill Missoula with amazing music, talent and musicians so it should be no surprise that Ministry is coming to town!

Metal or Myth

  • You Recently appeared on “The Church of What’s Happening” with Joey Diaz.  Did you blaze a fatty with him?
  • There are STILL no pictures of you shirtless anywhere?
  • You were not nominated for an Academy Award for your work in “Thou Shall Not Suffer” as Father Michael but a Golden Globe instead?
  • Your custom Schecter you donated previously to the Hard Rock Cafe has been returned and is in your possession?
  • The real reason we have not seen you shirtless is actually because that single act could cause the early release of your “Three Headed Snake” (Google it!)

Ministry TOURING Lineup

April 03 – Wilma Theatre, Missoula, MT

The tour’s guest lineup will feature vocalist Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY), drummer Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT) and live scratcher DJ Swamp (BECKTHE CRYSTAL METHOD), who will join longtime bandmembers Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto on guitars, Tony Campos (FEAR FACTORYSTATIC-XASESINOCAVALERA CONSPIRACY) on bass, and keyboardist John Bechdel (KILLING JOKEFEAR FACTORY).

For Sin’s take on the touring lineup, setlist and relearning riffs listen below. 

Ministry in Missoula

Sin and raVen spoke candidly about playing the Amerikkkant album live as well as the lineup that will be on tour with Ministry.

 Its going to be a challenge.  I’m not going to lie. We start rehearsal in about two weeks.  Ya, its going to be a challenge.  Much more so than tours I think just because obviously you’ve hear everything that is going on in this albu.  Its a lot of stuff that we have never done before so the rehearsals I think are going to be pretty intense.  – Sin QuirinMinistry

Sin was warned in advance that when the Western Montana Metal crowd amasses there is nothing more powerful and mesmorizing in the western half of the United States.  The energy that flows through the band and the fans at a metal concert in the Wilma or even the Kettlehouse Ampitheater for that matter is polarizing.

Dude, I am so ready to feel that energy. Its been a while since I have been in Montana but we are ready and we are excited! Sin QuirinMinistry

The Complete Interview

Much thanks to Sin, Julie and Heidi from Nuclear Blast for the amazing opportunity.  Its our turn now Montana.  Lets show Chelsea Wolfe and the Ministry gang what a Metal Crowd in the famous Wilma Theater can do!


Current Line-Up:

vocalist Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY),
Vocals: Al Jourgensen
Drummer Joey Jordison (SLIPKNOT)
Guitars: Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto  
Keyboardist: John Bechdel (KILLING JOKE, FEAR FACTORY).

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