Shiraz Lane Interview, January 2018

Shiraz Lane might not ring a bell with many, could you please introduce the band and tell a bit about your

Shiraz Lane – After the release of our upcoming album the name Shiraz Lane will certainly ring a bell for the majority of people who follow the Rock music scene, but for now all of you who are yet to discover us the best way to describe what we are a Finnish five-piece-band doing authentic and uncompromising music seasoned with meaningful lyrical value. As to our background; we have released a five song EP back in 2015 and our debut album ‘’For Crying Out Loud’’ in 2016, but through the process of making “Carnival Days” we genuinely feel we have found our natural direction to develop and flourish.

What kind of hopes and expectations do you have for “Carnival Days”?

Shiraz Lane – We are very confident and satisfied in the whole ‘’Carnival Days’’ package so maybe the biggest accomplishment has already been achieved; meaning that we can stand proudly behind every second of the album. That being said, we of course hope that the general public alike will notify the musical quality and dive into the depths of our music.

What is the biggest difference between your debut album and “Carnival Days”?

Shiraz Lane – We feel like we have taken a step closer to what our vision of Shiraz Lane is. All the different aspects including song compositions, lyrics, production, mixing and mastering have improved without question. The road we have traveled and the things we have experienced have matured us as both individuals and a band. We believe you can hear every mile overcome culminating in this record.

If you were to single out one song from the album that is your favourite, which one would it be and why?

Shiraz Lane – “Reincarnation” would be a good contestant since it is completely something else what you would expect from an ordinary or ‘’mainstream’’ band to even dream of. However, all the songs are strong and have their natural position on the album and if you are looking for a traditional yet innovative single, ‘’People Like Us’’ is something you should listen to.

How does the final result compare to the idea you had before you began recording the album?

Shiraz Lane – We think that we managed to fulfil our preliminary vision and expectations, and on some levels even exceeded them during the process.

What do you want to express with the artwork?

Shiraz Lane – The artwork depicts a contrast between something grand and glamorous (mainly the golden colouration and frill framing the cover) with a more commonplace and ragged leathery background. This contrast underlines and continues the theme visible in our Ying and Yang inspired logo. The cover art and the booklet are also crafted to resemble an actual notebook or diary which this record really is – an audible album of our thoughts, feelings and creativity.

Any cool story behind your choice for the band’s name?

Shiraz Lane – If consuming a vial of Shiraz red wine is cool, then the cool story behind the name is that we shared a bottle and thought that Shiraz is a worthy companion on the Lane of life we travel.

Name five albums that have made a big impact on today’s scene and you personally…

Shiraz Lane – Michael Jackson – Bad, Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction, Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms, Kingston Wall – II, Metallica – (black album).

What kind of plans are on schedule in upcoming months for Shiraz Lane, touring… and?

Shiraz Lane – The next objective is to rehearse our live act to perfection before the launch of our album. We will however do an acoustic appearance in Hard Rock Café Copenhagen on the 26th of January and Stockholm 27th of January. After that we will play only one show (in Finland, Levi 9th of February) before our epic and explosive album release show in Helsinki, Nosturi on the 3rd of March. After that we shall tour our home country and plans to visit other parts of the world are under construction.

Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our readers?

Shiraz Lane – Peace, love and Rock N ‘Roll music!

Questions answered by Miki Kalske


Be the Slave or Be the Change (2015, EP)
For Crying Out Loud (2016)
Carnival Days (2018)

Current Line-Up:

Hannes Kett - Lead Vocals
Jani Laine - Lead Guitar
Miki Kalske - Rhythm Guitar
Joel Alex - Bass
Ana Willman - Drums

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