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Facing the Gallows


PoM: Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your latest creation “Dead Mindset”, which will be released on the 20th of February. But could you please start off by introducing the readers to the band and give a short version of the biography?

FTG: Hey! So we’re a metal hardcore type of band from ‘Hate City’, South Africa. We love loud, raw, energetic shows with some sweet sing along melodies! We have been going for 10 years and all we have are dolphin tattoos to show for it. We have recorded two previous albums and now we have arrived at ‘Dead Mindset’!

Photo Credit: Nathan Ferreira Snapback Photography

PoM: And now onto “Dead Mindset”… track-by- track, what inspired you, what topics are you dealing with, what do you want to express with this song etc.


FTG: For a ‘Pessimist’, it is easy to constantly think about negative thoughts all the time. Whether it’s about your health, the fear of dying, or just the outcome of a situation, those negative thoughts and negative energy has the potential to grow into something worse, which ironically could kill you in the end.


FTG: Governments and individuals with ‘power’ control our natural resources, namely water. The poor need water to survive and many cities suffer through droughts, for example what is happening right now in Cape Town. How do we get the water to the ones in need? Is there not enough water in the world? Or is there a political reason?

The question arises how far long until there is a full-blown war on water and who will come out victorious. ‘Illuminate’ entails the urgency for the ones suffering to fight for what they need, no matter the cost.

  1. DOOM II

FTG: Partying for some can either mean getting intoxicated or just letting off some steam, either way when you think of a party you think of something fun. ‘Doom II’ is all about the good life and making great memories with friends with not one care in the world.


FTG: With every passing year, we all grow older and for some the older we get, the harder life becomes. Problem is, whether life becomes easier or harder we all have an end – death. ‘Time Keeper’ is a modern-day death reaper representation of what you would give in order to regain some more time on your life if your time was nearly up and explores the possibility of doing something great with that extra time.


FTG: Countless worry and stress isn’t good for the mind, so much that it could affect one’s sleep pattern. Whether it’s insomnia, or restless sleep, if you lie awake constantly thinking, your thought’s will try to control you. It is easy to tell someone with anxiety to not worry, but is it easy for a person to not worry with anxiety? For some controlling your thoughts, isn’t easy and sometimes can feel impossible which from a metaphorical stance can be represented by the sea, as waves cannot be controlled. ‘Tides of Terror’ is a sea of fear, uncontrollable and terrifying.


FTG: We have all lost loved ones before, but some are harder to bear than others. That is because of how close that person is to you. What if you lost the person closest to you? How would you react, better yet, how will the ones around you react? Will they be there to support you in the darkest of times, or will they avoid you and treat you like a plague. ‘Virginia’ explores the ability to replace a lost one, and the struggles to overcome the feeling of being alone and hopeless.


FTG: Dealing with regret is hard, especially if it is impossible to rectify it. For example, how would you apologize to someone if they died? The lesson here is that it’s not worth holding bad grudges as it can escalate into something so much worse. ‘Mark my Words’ illustrates the inability to apologize and dealing with that regret.


FTG: Everyone has their breaking point; That feeling you get when you are about to snap. ‘Bad Blood’ is exactly that and about channelling your anger.


FTG: We all want change, but nothing is changing. That is because our views, values and ideologies as human beings are concrete. ‘Dead Mindset’ covers issues relating to our thought process for change and how we need to erase our ideologies as human beings and start fresh, because how we tried to run the planet already is killing it.


FTG: There are sharks out there, in business, waiting to take someone for a ride and use and abuse them for their own benefit by selling fake ideas. Exploitation, fraud, embezzlement, bad investments the list goes on, either way, when these so-called sharks try and gain financial gain from you and you give them money, you technically ‘feed the flies’.


FTG: If you don’t act on genuine opportunities in life as they present themselves to you, you might reflect a few years later and wish you had made more of an effort. Problem is you can’t change the past but, you can learn from it. ‘Opportunist’ paves the way for future endeavours and how even if you wanted to do things differently before you can start today and excel.

  1. FILTH

FTG: It’s easy to fight a battle and demand change behind a keyboard online, but when push comes to shove, not many people are willing to go the distance. ‘Filth’ defines slacktivism and portrays society’s inability to get off their couch and make a better world physically.

PoM: Could you please tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it, what’s the concept behind it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

FTG: The artwork was created by our guitarist Chase. It follows on from our ‘Chapters’ release keeping to the theme of animal faces. I find huge amounts of expression through faces and am heavily driven by nature and animals. The cover and booklet photos were shot by our good friend, photographer and cinematographer – Mike Bell on a trip to Iceland.

We went through numerous images until we settled on the deer skull as it really spoke about the album concept to us.

PoM: Is there any track that means something special for you on the album?

FTG: Most of the songs speak personally about Bryan and his experiences, emotions and perspective. But I think the track that we all feel really means something special would be ‘Virginia’. It is a track about our guitarist James’ mom that passed away.

When James said he wanted to write a track about his mom and explained the lyrics to us, we really felt his emotions and were on board immediately.

PoM: The creation process of “Dead Mindset” was a long path. Can you tell us about it? Who and what has inspired you musically on this album?

FTG: From pre-production to release we have spent over 2 years producing ‘Dead Mindset’. It has been a stressful road and has tested all of us immensely, but we are extremely excited to have made it to this point and can’t wait to share this album!

Personally writing with James, I was heavily inspired. He is a great inspiration and just continuously flows with creative ideas. His guitar and vocal writing ability was amazing to watch. Musically we took some inspiration from most of our favourite artists, but we also tried to concentrate and really expand on the FTG sound.

This album is definitely the deepest we have delved into the writing process, parts were reworked or restructured and remoulded a number of times. It feels really great though to have taken the time out to get the tracks sounding as huge as possible from a writing perspective.

PoM: What makes Facing The Gallows stand out from other metalcore bands these days?

FTG: I think what makes a band like us stand out is passion. When it comes to live performances, this is a strong factor that shows. We have seen too many heavy bands on stage that sound great but can’t move about the stage and convey the passion of their music. This is what the crowd feeds off of and vice versa.

We believe in what we have created and want to show it with all the force we can.

PoM: Who are topping your playlist at the moment? Anything you can recommend to our fellow readers?

FTG: That’s a long list that would be quite diverse between all of us. But something more chilled Citizen and the new Hundreth album incredible! Mastodon’s ‘Emperor of Sand’ is definitely on the playlist. Also try out Fit for a King, Hands like Houses, Crystal Lake, Wage War, Currents, In Hearts Wake, I could be here all day!

PoM: Will you be planning a tour in Europe, maybe even consider some headbanging in little Denmark?

FTG: We are looking for the first opportunity we can to do a European tour! We have quite a few tours that we have booked throughout South Africa over 2018 with international acts – check out Jam Packed Productions Facebook page for all of that tour info. So we are aiming to book some European shows around the end of the year or early 2019.

We would love to go to Denmark, you guys have an incredibly beautiful country. If you have any info or contacts that would help get us there please hook us up!

PoM: Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our fellow readers?

FTG: Thank you for taking the time to read up about us, it means a lot for any DIY band! Take a listen to some of our tracks… if it’s your kinda jam, jam it LOUD!

High fives & stage dives!


Photo Credit: Mike Bell


Dead Mindset (2018)
Chapters (2013)
This Is Hate City (2012)
What If They Run (2009)

Current Line-Up:

Vocals - Bryan Binneman
Guitar – James Irving
Guitar – Chase Beynon
Bass – Rayner Abraham
Drums - Victor Monginho

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