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PoM: Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album “Nemesis”. But could you please start off by introducing the readers to the band and give a short version of the biography?

Defecto: DEFECTO was formed in 2011 in suburban Copenhagen when frontman Nicklas Sonne was approached by the legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Blind Guardian), who wanted to help Sonne record and release his material. They contacted childhood friend and lead guitarist, Frederik Møller, as well as bass-player Thomas Bartholin and drummer Lars Jensen in order to create a band that could match Sonne’s unique potential.

Already from the beginning, DEFECTO’s brand of melodic and virtuoso metal created a buzz in the Danish metal scene when they released their debut LP “Defecto” in 2011. Their debut full-length “Excluded” was released in march 2016 was met with much attention and appraisal throughout the European metal scene, and lead to concerts with huge names such as Metallica and Rammstein. DEFECTO has just released their sophomore album “NEMESIS” in 2017, yet another step into proving their massive potential. 2018 will among other things bring a tour throughout Europe with Persefone.

PoM: And now onto “Nemesis”… track-by-track, what inspired you, what topics are you dealing with, what do you want to express with this song etc.

01. The Final Night Of Silence
(Sonne): Is about the final night before the inner war within one self begins.

02. Nemesis
Nemesis is about starting the fight with your inner demon. Trying to sneak past its guardians of the night and into its core where it has hidden your true identity and where it’s feeding on your soul. 

03. Endlessly Falling
is about the feeling of falling down into darkness without it ever stopping. You’re feeling helpless again and again, running in circles and feeling that things are never gonna get any better. 

04. Savage
this is about a complete psycho person, a hitman almost, like a “clean up guy” that comes to take care of things once they’re outta your own hands. Although it’s very direct, it’s very deep, and everything is metaphorically speaking and is actually about slaying your own demons. 

05. The Nameless Apparition
this is a song about a broken heart and that you’ve reached a point where you can finally see above the scars, and knows that you’re on a path for the better. 

06. The Sacrificed
this is a kinda prequel text from The Nameless Apparition. It’s about praying for a specific person to come back, being there for you and shedding light on your path. Hoping that the this person will see clearly and love you back again. 

07. Ode To The Damned
Ode to the damned was written mainly with a certain atmosphere in mind – a sort of gloomy, ominous feeling that I had when I wrote the intro acoustic riff. Later it merged into a more metaphoric way of addressing our inner demons. Everyone has a dark side – and depending on how you act, you can either fight it or release it. The main musical inspiration came from the soundtrack to a PC classic – Diablo 1! 

08. Gravity
Gravity is about trying your best to hold your feet on the ground when things are getting out of hand emotionally. “gravity hold on to me again” like, don’t let me float in to space, help me hold me down. 

09. Ablaze
A lyric dealing with the end of a relationship; the confliction emotions where both longing and aversion towards the other part can lead you to act and think in ways you hadn’t thought you were capable of – both good and bad. Musically, the song was mainly inspired by Pendulum. 

10. Before The Veil
Lyrically, this song relates to extremism with regard to faith and how communities of believers acting according to ancient doctrines and ideologies can lead to hate and violence. Musically, it was at least in part inspired by Amaranthe. 

11. We’re All The Enemy
This is the first political song I’ve ever written. This is basically a song about that we’re all the enemy in a warzone. No one’s innocent, and no one’s holy. At one side they’re the enemy, on the other side another one’s the enemy. It’s more specific dedicated to the soldiers who think they’re fucking tough guys, coming down to the war and thinks they’re world heroes but in the end as misunderstood what they’re actually for. To the psychos of war you can say. 

12. Ascend To Heaven
a song about feeling so much pain that it feels like your dying. About depression.

PoM: Could you please tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

Defecto: The artwork was made to match the overall theme of “the enemy inside” that were used as a flexible guideline for the lyrics and atmosphere of the album. It was created by a guy from Malaysia called Julian Aguilar Faylona. You can find him online here:
Naturally, we try our best to create awesome artwork that inspires us and makes sense within the larger context – which we also feel that we did with this album.

PoM: Who and what has inspired you musically on this album?

Defecto: Many different artists, without a doubt. Just to name a few: Metallica, Symphony X, Adagio, Alice Cooper, Karnivool, Pendulum, Malrun.

PoM: Is there any song that means something special for you on the album?

Defecto: Perhaps most obvious is the title song, Nemesis, which we just feel is a really strong song that shows off many aspects of who we are. Also Endlessly Falling – simply a bangin’ song from start to finish.

PoM: What’s the biggest difference between your debut album Excluded and this release?

Defecto: Apart from being somewhat darker in atmosphere, Nemesis definitely has wider range of musical expressions being utilized, meaning that the album overall is a little more experimental. At the same time, the album contains a few of the “easiest” songs we’ve written, so it’s a good mix between progressive and sing-along.

PoM: This is your second release on the progressive metal scene under the banner of Defecto! It has already received rave reviews from the critics – included 🙂 . What are your own feelings on the positive reactions?

Defecto: We are extremely happy that the album has been received so well. It’s impossible to make everybody happy, and neither do we strive to do this (knowing that it’s impossible), so as long as we are proud of our music, we are happy. It’s definitely not something we take for granted – but It’s a great bonus on top of producing a record that we really like ourselves.

PoM: You have already warmed up the stage for mighty Rammstein and Metallica, and kicked off Denmark’s biggest metal festival Copenhell once, who/what’s next on your list? Do you have any plans for any gigs or shows this year?

Defecto: Next up, Metallica warms up for us! Obviously. Apart from this this, the most important aspect of our plans in 2018 is the Europe tour with Persefone that we’re doing in March. This is an important step in order to conquer markets outside Denmark. Apart from this tour, we’re touring Denmark as well, and are hoping to go to either Germany or Japan in the fall. Finally, we do also have a festival gig or two, however we cannot disclose which for the time being.

PoM: I recall some changes in the lineup (Lars/vocals, Thomas/guitar, Frederik/bass, and Nicklas/d, when Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” was played out loud in the small venue High Voltage Copenhagen during your release show last year. It looked and sounded pretty fun, any chance the lineup will be used on future releases?

Defecto: It was a real fun experiment, and we thought it worked out pretty well for the two concerts where we did it, but these sorts of things have to come naturally. If we try to force them, or re-do them too many times, it becomes predictable and boring. As such, we cannot promise that it won’t happen again if we feel like it, but neither can we promise that it will happen for sure!

PoM: What have you been listening to in 2017, and what do you recommend for our fellow readers to give a try?

Defecto: A couple of suggestions: Beast in Black, Disperse, The Dear Hunter, Hans Zimmer, Max Richter, sy,hpony x, adagio, alter bridge, shinedown

PoM: Thank you very much for answering my questions. Any last words you want to round this interview off with?

Defecto: Thank you so much for letting us do this interview! Always a pleasure! And thanks to all the readers who made it this far – hope to see you at one of our concerts ?


Nemesis (2017)
Excluded (2016)

Current Line-Up:

Nicklas Sonne - Vocals & Guitars
Frederik Møller - Guitars
Thomas Bartholin - Bass
Lars Jensen - Drums

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  1. Ich fand das Interview sehr interessant. So hat man etwas über die Texte und Gefühle erfahren. Und auch über die Bandmitglieder. Vielen Dank. Ich wünsche euch weiterhin Erfolg. LG von Marlis

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