Interview with PAUL MARIO DAY (Iron Maiden, Sweet, More…..)

Paul Mario Day with the interviewer. In December 1975, Paul stood on that same spot as the frontman of Iron Maiden.

“In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth…” goes the opening verse of ‘Quest for Fire’ from Iron Maiden‘s “Piece Of Mind” album. Well the truth is that dinosaurs didn’t always walk the Earth (‘dinosaurs’ here being a metaphor for globally admired bands like Iron Maiden).

Indeed Iron Maiden had very humble beginnings playing to small venues, particularly in the North East of London. Paul Mario Day was the 1st singer of that band, fronting Iron Maiden at their very first gig and for approximately the first year of the band’s existence. He also sang with several other notable bands. In the video-interview linked below, Paul speaks about all that, and much more.

This is one of the most intriguing interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. I hope you have a similar reaction watching it.


"Warhead" (album - 1981)
"Brute Force & Ignorance" (album - 1983)
" Summer Lightning" (album - 1984)
"Live At The Marquee" (live album - 1989)
"Crimzon Lake" (EP - 2011)
"Band Of Brothers" (single - 2019)

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