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Interview with Nailed To Obscurity

Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album Black Frost. But could you please start off by introducing the readers to Nailed to Obscurity and give a short version of the biography?

Raimund: First of all: Thanks for having us. Nailed To Obscurity was formed in 2005 by our guitarists Jan-Ole Lamberti and Volker Dieken. After several line-up-changes in the very early days, the line-up in 2019 consists of Jan-Ole and Volker as well as Carsten Schorn (bass), Jann Hillrichs (drums) and me as the vocalist. Our style is rooted in melodic death metal but is very open progressive influences as well as dark metal and sometimes even gothic-like ingredients. We released four albums so far: “Abyss…”, “Opaque”, “King Delusion” and our newest record “Black Frost”. Currently, we are on tour with Amorphis, Soilwork and Jinjer in support of our newest album.

And now onto Black Frost… track-by-track, what inspired you, what topics are you dealing with, what do you want to express with this song etc.

  1. Black Frost
  2. Tears of the Eyeless
  3. The Aberrant Host
  4. Feardom
  5. Cipher
  6. Resonance
  7. Road to Perdition

Raimund: This is really a good question. We put so much effort into our new songs and tried to make it the best work possible. To dig deeper into all single tracks, we recorded a track-by-track. I would recommend these ones to answer this question:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Can you tell us about the concept behind your artwork – who made it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

Raimund: The artwork was done by Argentinian artist Santiago Caruso who previously worked with us on the artwork for our album “King Delusion”. We send him the instrumentals in their very early stages as demos plus the lyrics to give him a little inspiration. I also told him about the idea behind “Black Frost”. He took this idea and added another social-critical aspect. In his version “Black Frost” is a disease that only attacks human beings but not flora or fauna. The images that he sent us were just mind blowing and really nailed the atmosphere and the mood of the songs. An artwork is very important for an album. It is the first impression that a potential listener gets. And we think Santiago’s work is really outstanding.

Who and what has inspired you musically on this album?

Raimund: It is life in general and especially personal experiences from myself and some friends that inspired me the most. The lyrics are very emotional and it’s sometimes just a catchphrase or a single word that becomes the basis for a song’s lyrics.

Ole: I think the biggest influence always comes from our environment, things that we went through ourselves, or friends of ours or simply thing that we heard about that move us, etc. Of course also music we listen to inspires us, old music that has always been an influence, but also new music, that we just discovered.

Which song was the easiest/hardest to write? And how come?

Ole: That’s really heard to say. This time we wrote all songs parallely at the same time, so I can’t really remember which one was the easiest or hardest to write. In general songwriting can be really hard and there don’t seem to be so many “easy” moments 😉 

Is there any track that means something special for you on the album?

Raimund: That’s a really tough one, because all the songs are very meaningful for me. “Road To Perdition” has a special meaning for me but I keep the story behind it for myself. It is strongly related to a friend of mine and a rough time in my own life.

How different is your latest album in comparison to your previous ones?

Ole: I think it’s not totally different, but a logical next step in the evolution of the band. It’s a bit darker and even more atmospheric, I would say.

Who are topping your playlist at the moment? Anything you can recommend to our fellow readers?

Raimund: During this tour, it’s one particular Soilwork-song that catches me every night. It’s “Stalfagel”. This song is so catchy. Besides that, I would go with the current Obscura-album “Diluvium”. I think, it’s their strongest work since “Cosmogenesis”!

Ole: I recently discovered the band Idle Hands. They haven’t released a lot yet and it’s a bit rough here and there, but there is something really cool about that band.

Finally, can you tell us a little about what is in store next for Nailed to Obscurity? Where can fans experience the album live, in the nearest future?

Raimund: As of now, not too much is confirmed but we’ll play a lot of festivals and we hope to play as many shows as possible in support of “Black Frost”. Keep checking our website!

Thanks a lot for your time. Any last words for your fans and our fellow readers?

Raimund: It was great to play Denmark again during this tour with Amorphis, Soilwork and Jinjer and we hope to be back as soon as possible. Thanks for all the support from our Danish fans!


Black Frost (2019)
King Delusion (2017)
Opaque (2013)
Abyss... (2007)

Current Line-Up:

Raimund Ennenga (Vocals)
Jan-Ole Lamberti (Guitar)
Volker Dieken (Guitar)
Carsten Schorn (Bass)
Jann Hillrichs (Drums)

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