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Interview with Let Them Fall

PoM: Here’s a chance for you to tell our readers about your new album Wolftales. But could you please start off by introducing the readers to Let Them Fall?

LTF: Hi everybody and thanks for this opportunity you gave to us! Sure thing, Let Them Fall is a metalcore project born in 2012 and based in Grosseto (Italy). The line up is Rita D’aniello (Vocals), Gabriele Catoni (Guitar/Vocals), Mattia Detti (Guitar), Mario Spatuzzi (Bass) and Marco Manus (Drums).

PoM: And now onto Wolftales… track-by-track, what inspired you, what topics are you dealing with, what do you want to express with this song etc.

01. The Wolf

LTF: It’s our live intro too and it works very well, introducing our set to the audience and creating a vibe that sounds a lot like the beginning of a battle in a movie.

02. Mjolnir 

LFT: Mjolnir is one of the heaviest songs of the album. During his composition we wanted to add some melodic hc vibes in it.

03. Fenrir

LTF: Also called “The one with that catchy chorus”! It’s the first song we wrote in “Wolftales”, it came out as a single more than one year ago. It was the first experiment with the new sound that we’ve been shaped for the last months and that ended up with the release of this first album.

04. Jormund

LTF: This track is a twist in Let Them Fall’s usual style. It mantains the same structure of other songs but it brings darker and creepy vibes.

05. Wintersun

LTF: Wintersun is the 2nd single came out before the release of “Wolftales”. It’s surely the first love song we’ve ever written and we used elements like piano and violins to create an emotive and deeper atmosphere.

06. The Tales

LTF: When we wrote down an hypothetical list of ideas for the new album we said “We need a kickass interlude”. This instrumental track is deeply influenced by post-rock and we tried to achieve that kind of ambient sound that characterizes the genre.

07. Midgard

LTF: Well, if you’re wondering which song most represents Let Them Fall as a band, it’s absolutely Midgard. You can find a perfect mix of everything we’ve ever loved to place in our songs in terms of riffing and composition.

08. Skoll

LTF: The most appropriate adjective to define this song is probably “messy”. We just needed to not follow a proper structure for once and we obtained Skoll.

09. Wildfire

LTF: Almost every metalcore album has a ballad, and ours is Wildfire. In this one we used a lot of clean tones and orchestral elements, and it’s plenty of clean singing parts.

10. Gathering

LTF: The last track of our record. In this track we resumed all of the thematics and characters that we introduced in the previous lyrics.

PoM: How was your first “real” studio recording experience?

LTF: We tracked our first EP in 2012 and that was our first recording experience. We were obviously more inexpert but it is satisfying to see how much we’ve grown during the years.

PoM: Could you please tell us a bit about the artwork – who made it, what’s the concept behind it etc. and how important do you feel it is to have a cool artwork?

LTF: The artwork of Wolftales is a piece of art made by Moonlover – Visual Arts. For this record we wanted a cover that could immediately drag our fans into the Let Them Fall’s concept, we think that a good artwork is fundamental to convince someone to give you a chance.

PoM: This is your debut on the metalcore scene under the banner of Let Them Fall. What are your own feelings on the reactions already received?

LTF: We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved in this first months after the release of our album. The shows has been awesome and we’re receiving a lot of support and love from all around the world.

PoM: Who and what has inspired you musically on this album?

LTF: In general we feel deeply influenced by the passion that we all share for the fantasy genre and the movie themes but regarding our style and riffing we can find a lot of similarities with bands like While She Sleeps or The Ghost Insid

PoM: The song titles, art cover and your videos are heavily influenced by the Nordic mythology, how is that?

LTF: As we said we get inspiration by our passions of everyday life. Northern mythology has been a concept that we wanted to propose in order to add a particular connotation to Wolftales, but we do not actually directly talk about that in our lyrics

PoM: Any tracks meaning something special for you on the album?

LTF: There’s with no doubt one song in this album that means a lot to us: Midgard is a sort of tribute to our story as a band in which we tried to communicate all the values that guided us through these years spent together traveling and bringing our music to people.

PoM: What’s next on your list, any tours or gigs planned outside the borders of your homeland Italy, maybe say hello to little Denmark?

LTF: For the time being we’re trying to promote Wolftales on the internet and playing a release tour here in Italy, thanks to the help of our family in Antigony Records/Antigony Agency. In the near future we’re sure that we’ll be space for and European tour and for new releases linked to this record (maybe a deluxe edition or a reimagined version). It would be a dream to come to Denmark, we’ll try our best to make it.

PoM: Thank you very much for answering my questions. Do you have any last rants for our fellow readers?

LTF: We want to thank you again for giving us a chance and everyone who will read this, your support is what keeps alive our flame. Keep following us cause we’ll share some news very soon.


Wolftales (Album - 2018)
Wintersun (Single - 2017)
Fenrir (Single - 2016)
Of Kings & Heroes (EP - 2015)
No More Silence (EP - 2013)

Current Line-Up:

Assuntarita D’Aniello – Vocals
Gabriele Catoni – Guitar & Vocals
Mattia Detti – Guitar
Marco Manus – Drums
Mario Spatuzzi – Bass

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