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Interview with Geirmund Hansen of Rendezvous Point on new album “Universal Chaos”

First of all a huge congratulations with your new album ”Universal Chaos”
What are your thoughts and feelings about the response you have received about the album?

We are very pleased and overwhelmed by the positive response after the album release. It´s been a while since we last dropped music so there was a bit of nervousness regarding how our fans would respond, but it has been amazing! It is a bit surrealistic that people around the globe are listening to the record!

Many of the members is Rendezvous point are also members of other bands a well. Can you tell our readers what made this album come alive at this exact moment?

Everyone in the band has a burning desire to make this band grow and go forward, but sometimes these things can take a lot of time. Each song is processed over a long time and the concept had to grow and develop naturally. Another factor is that we don’t live in the same city so we have to meet up every once in a while when everyone is available. That might slow down the process.

Can you let us know the story behind the album?

The story behind Universal Chaos is different stories from a persons perspective living in the 20th century where you have to grasp in everything that happens in a million miles pr hour. The constant pressure from social media to pursuit perfection and total happiness slowly drags us in to a big depression where in the end nothing matters and everything collapses. That was a bit dark and general, but yeah that’s the idea behind the lyrics. The music describes these feeling and thoughts in a fitting way, I think.

The artwork of the album is quite colourful. Does it have a special meaning?

It´s meaning is to enhance and describe the music in an artistic way. We’re fascinated by the eternal universe and the music often describes that just as the artwork does.


Who and what has inspired you musically on this album?

That is a big question and I cannot answer for us all, but we come from many different musical backgrounds. We take inspiration from music we like, not depending on genre and try to create something unique and special. We share interests for composers like Hans Zimmer and other composers that operates in a more classical genre, and off course we listen to more heavier stuff. We haven’t been inspired by a certain band or artist, but we let our differences come together in our own music.

Which song was the easiest/hardest to write on this album? And how come?

Apollo was maybe the easiest because we had the chance to make it during regular practicing together and while touring Europe. Every other song has come alive via Dropbox sessions. – The romance of making music.

Is there any track that means something special for you personally on the album?

All the songs has something I can relate to and some of the stories are quite personal, but the song that means the most to me is maybe Digital Waste. That song is the pinnacle of the problem of this digital world we live in.

It’s been Four years since your last Album “Solar storm” was released.
What is the biggest difference (if any) between your last album and your latest release ” Universal Chaos “?

We’ve grown and developed as musicians, humans and songwriters. It´s bigger and more powerful.

On a personal note.
Who is topping your playlist at the moment? Anything you can recommend to our fellow readers?

Eric Whitacre, Nothing but Thieves, Hans Zimmer and Benea Reach.

Finally, can you tell us a little about what is in store next for Rendezvous point? Where can fans experience the album live, in the nearest future?

We are going on a European tour in September with Vola from Denmark. We cannot wait! We’re also playing at Progpower in November.

Thank you so much for your time. Do you have any last words for your fans and our fellow readers?

To those of you that are RVP fans, thank you so much! We really dig that you dig us. To the rest; Check us out, it will be worth the time spent.
Keep spreading the good word of Prog!


Universal Chaos (2019)
Solar Storm (2015)

Current Line-Up:

Geirmund Hansen - Vocal
Nicolay Tangen Svennæs - Keys
Petter Hallaråker - Guitar
Gunn-Hilde Erstad - Bass
Baard Kolstad – Drums

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