Interview – Dave Witt of Municipal Waste

After having the pleasure of listening to and reviewing the brand new Municipal Waste album Slime and Punishment we got in touch with drummer Dave Witt who answered a few questions for us from the road.

Hello Dave and thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Power Of Metal. You’re on tour at the moment, what’s the reception been like so far?

Dave: The tour is fantastic, we’ve been going down a storm each day. Our set time is different each day (they announce our set time each morning) so it keeps us on or toes. There’s also no other bands that sound like us on this tour, it’s a very mixed bill tour.

Is it difficult deciding what to include from the new album in the tour set list?

Dave: Not really, we’re playing 3 new ones on this run. We’re playing to a whole new audience this time, so there’s a good amount of people that haven’t seen us yet which let’s us play a lot of staple set list.

Any personal favorites from Slime and Punishment? If so, what makes it/them your favorite(s)?

Dave: I love ‘Shrednecks’ cause it’s full throttle the whole way. ‘Parole Violators’ is also a fun one for me, it’s for a pretty different dynamic happening than the rest of the album and one of the best breakdowns on the album. ‘Amateur Sketch‘ probably has my favorite riff on it. I love them all.

What did you enjoy most about making this album?

Dave: I love how we did it ourselves. It was relaxed and comfortable.

How would you set Slime and Punishment apart from the bands other albums?

Dave: Well first off, we’re a five piece now. We’ve never had two guitar players and it makes a huge difference. I think it’s more focused, aggressive and heavier.

With the current leg of the world tour finishing in August, any indication of when we can next see you all in Europe?

Dave: We’re working on that right now. You’ll see us this year. Bloodstock is already on the books in UK and the follow up full tour will be a few months later. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for an announcement.

Current Line-Up:

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