THE SCARS IN PNEUMA – “The Path Of Seven Sorrows” Full album stream

The Power of webzine proudly presents the exclusive DK premiere of the full album The Path Of Seven Sorrows by The Scars In Pneuma. Enjoy.

Comment by mastermind Lorenzo Marchello:

“The Path Of Seven Sorrows” is a mix of different styles / influences. It’s mainly melodic black metal stuff, but it also combines death metal and melodic doom elements. It’s sometimes melodic, sometimes epic and often very dark and gloomy. Lyrics talk about themes such the futility of our efforts in life, the regrets we have, the revenge against those who hurt us, the beloved ones we lost, etc. Lyrics may sound very pessimistic at a first glance, but there’s some light if you read them carefully.

The album was mainly written in 2017. It was recorded at Elfo Studio in Tavernago (Pc), Italy and mixed / mastered at Goblin Studio in Piacenza, Italy by Daniele Mandelli, from June to September 2018. I chose to work with Daniele since we know each other for almost twenty years, and we used to work together on different projects in the past. His amazing work was definitely an added value on this album.

The album is made-up of seven tracks, each one representing one single sorrowful theme (from here the title “The Path Of Seven Sorrows”). Most of them refer to personal experiences in my life or to personal feelings.

I really hope people will give this album a chance. Every note, every lyrics on “The Path Of Seven Sorrows” come from the deepest of my soul and I’m pretty sure listeners will rbe able to feel this.

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Available formats: CD / Digital


Lorenzo Marchello – Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Francesco Lupi – Guitars

Daniele Valseriati – Drums




Promethean Fire online:




Recorded at Elfo Studio in Tavernago (Pc), Italy and mixed / mastered at Goblin Studio in Piacenza, Italy by Daniele Mandelli, June to September 2018.

Music and lyrics by Lorenzo Marchello.

Arrangements by The Scars In Pneuma.

Additional guitar arrangements by Francesco Lupi.

Guest vocals by Irene Ettori.

Cover painting ‘The Fire at Night’ (1794) by Francisco Goya.

Band logo by Raoul Mazzero / View From The Coffin.

Daniele Valseriati exclusively endorses: Vibe Drum, Instanbul Agop cymbals, Vater sticks.

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