THE NEW DEATH CULT new single “Moon”

After fantastic debut singles that have been premiered on BBC’s Dan P. Carter’s Radio Rock Show, Radio Rock Norway and “Track of the Week” Classic Rock UK  – from the outer space, a rock band arrives on planet Earth in 2019 with sparkling fresh music and an important message for humanity! 

THE NEW DEATH CULT will premiere the new single exclusive via The Power of webzine for Denmark.

ALPHA has commented:

“Moon is about the power to speak up and let your voice be heard, even if you feel small. It’s about the freedom to be yourself and let nobody tell you who or how to be.The moon may seem small and insignificant compared to the Earth, but without its magnetic pull, the tides would sieze and it’s axis would be tilted to haywire. It’s essential and overlooking the revolving Earth.

Moon is also about the failed war on drugs, and the way it’s waged on human consciousness, having people imprisoned and empoverished over what would be considered relatively harmless recreational drug use, while the distribution of hard drugs like herion flourish behind the scenes.The dinosaurs are fading away. Younger generations are taking over. It’s time to re-think. Time to speak up. Time to revolt. Time to howl at the Moon.”

The band will release their self-titled debut album on September 6th!

Out on the fringes in the Andromeda galaxy, a new force of light awakens in the dark and endless outer space. The humanoid inhabitants of the distant alien planet of Netuluna have been watching the decaying, war-torn and bleeding planet Earth closely for many years in hope for signs of significant change. They have sadly come to recognize that the eleventh hour now is at hand. In a desperate attempt to unite all humans under the cause of saving their planet and themselves, a new medium is formed. A force more powerful than anything in the universe: HEAVY ROCK MUSIC.

Check out their already released singles here:

Light Spills Over | Zeitgeist | True Eyes

Dubbed a brilliant cross-over between Queens of the Stone AgeBiffy Clyro and Pink Floyd, the band drives heavy rock in a forward direction primed for the 21st century, while sonically staying true to the greatest 90’s rock acts. Aesthetically, the band explores a unique melting point where solid ’desert rock’ collide with heavy riffs, ear-tingling melodies and choruses of cosmic grandeur. The lyrics inspire a true universal love and peaceful activism towards an anti-war, anti-environmental destruction and anti-corruption movement in music, to make the world a better and safer place for present and future generations. Visually, the band consist of four masked humanoid aliens who go by their pseudonyms

ALPHA (vocals + guitar), BETA (lead guitar), GAMMA (bass) and DELTA (drums).

Their debut album is engineered and produced by Stamos Koliousis (Kampfar, Keep Of Kalessin, Fight the Fight, Djerv ++) and was recorded in Røffsound Studios, using only the finest vintage equipment the band could get their hands on. The record stands out as startingly organic, authentic and relevant in the vast ocean of contemporary heavy rock music.

Band members:

ALPHA – Vocals/Guitar | BETA – Lead Guitar | GAMMA – Bass | DELTA – Drums

Live dates:

13.08.2019 – Summer Breeze (DE)

26.09.2019 – Release Concert, Parkteateret Oslo (NO)

27.09.2019 – Spetakkelfestivalen, Larvik (NO)

11.10.2019 – Hulen, Bergen (NO)

+ more to come!

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