SUNFLOOD debut single via proudly announces the band Sunflood as well as the debut single “Your Primal Calling” . Sunflood, based in London, was created out of the ashes of Gothic Rock band Paradigm. The band does retain the dark gothic undertones of Paradigm but also takes the opportunity to explore other music territories. Keep reading to discover more…



Sunflood are an Alternative Rock band from North London. The band was formed in late 2017 by guitarist/lead vocalist Alex Blake and bassist/backing vocalist Jools.  For the single “Your Primal Calling” Sunflood teamed up with old time colaborator Angel D on the drums but the band is still looking for a permanent drummer. Sunflood are currently working on their debut album “The Outcast” which the band hopes to release in late Autum 2018.


The band had the privilege to bring on board one of their all time favorite producers to mix their first single: Dan Weller, who over the years has produced a number of chart-topping bands, such as Young Guns, Enter Shikari, Baby Metal, Monster Truck, Hunger and SikTh. Dan is also the guitarist of Djent masters SikTh.

The song was recorded and mixed in multiple studios. The vocals, guitars, bass, pads and effects were all tracked in Alex’s home studio in Finchley, London. Bass and guitars parts where re-amped by Mike Curtis. The drums, however, were recorded in Thessaloniki, Greece, at Maverick Studios back in March 2018. All the recorded files were then sent to Dan Weller who blended everything together in his studio in Watford (North London). Dick Beetham completed the recording process by mastering the single at 360 Mastering in June 2018.

Lyrically the song explores the themes of self loathing , self destruction and self acceptance. The lyrics take a deep plunge into the mind of the tormented hero who is on the verge of a deep existential crisis. After years of self imposed internal suffering and severe self hatred he gets to the point where he can’t be at war with himself anymore. His life has become unbearable and his only way out is completely shift his beliefs about his personal worth and re-evaluate the worth of existence itself.

‘Your Primal Calling’ is available as a FREE download from:


Alex Blake (left – guitar & lead vocals) and Jools (bass & backing vocals)


The Power Of Metal Webzine asked Alex Blake about the main inspirations that Sunflood hopes to use as beacons for the band’s music:

“Sunflood are an Alternative Rock band that fuses genres like Post Grunge, Hard Rock, Goth Rock and Alternative Metal to create a unique blend of music. Inspirations include an eclectic range of bands such as Muse, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Type O Negative, U2, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Audioslave, The Doors, Dead Can Dance, Carbon Based Lifeforms and lots more.”

When asked to explain the moniker Alex told us:

“Sunflood sounded like the best way we could condense our sound into a poetic image/metaphor. What we ‘re always shooting for ,with the music, is an intense feeling of freedom/liberation. In a more literal sense ‘Sunflood’ is about the need to be flooded by light, the need to have your insides illuminated. When we play, we play to be ‘lifted’ from the daily grind and our mundane reality. When we play it’s escapism, confrontation and liberation all in one.The music functions as a redemptive mechanism for us. We ‘ve always loved music that has the power to lift you into another ‘reality ‘. Music that has the power to transport you into a place where you feel ecstatic and free.”

Alex and Jools from their Paradigm days.



After 4 years together, countless gigs, great recording experiences with top producers and the creation of hundreds of songs, Paradigm is officially a project of the past and has split up permanently.

Sunflood’s current ambitions are many, some of which are to finish a full length album, take the band’s music on the road and to build a loyal fanbase. The biggest ambition however is to create an infectious music without sacrificing the integrity of the work. Sunflood sees itself as part of the new scene of rock bands emerging from the U.K..


Keep up to date with Sunflood’s progress and let the band know what you think of their single.

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