Structural Repairs premieres new official lyric video ‘THIS IS WAR’ via Power of

The track chosen was “This is War”, from the “We Choose Violence” EP.

It’s confirmed for next Friday, January 12th, the official release of the first lyric video of the band Structural Repairs. The track that was chosen is “This is War”, part of the 2017 EP “We Choose Violence”. Produced by André Ribeiro, from Mural Urbano Filmes, the quartet reveals they were quite surprised by the final product, as the vocalist and guitar player, Juan Santiago, told us. “We couldn’t be happier with the result. André managed to portray amazingly well what we wanted to convey with the song in this video. We chose this song in particular for a very technical reason – It’s the fastest singing track of the EP, so it seemed fair to make the lyric video out of it so people can really understand the lyrics”, Juan mentions. The vocalist highlights the fact that “This is War” is one of the group’s main focuses, especially in their live performances, the track is even responsible for opening the EP. “And people have been responding well to it”, He says. About the video format, the group approved the mix of lyrics, brutal imagery and a few of the band’s performances and backstage shots. According to Juan, the band will surely adopt this format again in the future; however, the next step in terms of visual material must be a traditional video clip.

“Our main focus regarding this kind of material now might be a video clip with a plot and acting. It’s Just a matter of thinking it all through and analyzing our options financially speaking; since we are a one-hundred-percent-independent band, the money to everything comes straight from our own pockets and it’s hard to have any financial return over it here in Brazil. Things end up taking longer than they should for that reason, but yeah, it’s very likely we’ll have another lyric video in the future”, he reinforces. The band also has another vídeo clip which was released in 2016 for the song “Afterfall”, from the band’s first album “Mind the Gap”. To check out the new video, visit their official channel on YouTube and their other social network pages.


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Breno Tozo (guitar)

Fernando “Feto” Ornellas (drums)

Juan Santiago (vocals/guitar)

Murillo Vallim (bass/backing vocals)


Mind the Gap – 2013

We Choose Violence (EP) – 2017

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