POSTMORTAL full album premiere, ‘Soil’, via proudly presents the exclusive Denmark premiere of the full album Soil, which was crafted by doom metal band Postmortal. Enjoy fellow metalheads.

Soil is the first serious release of quite new polish band – Postmortal. Listeners can expect slow and heavy riffs, guitar melodies, melancholic atmosphere, raw production. Lyrics touch dead, doom and sadness topics. Soil is three tracks maintained in funeral doom/doom style, with vocals appearing almost only in growl form, without keyboards and samples. The EP is dedicated for people who admire bands like Thergothon, Ahab, My Dying Bride etc.

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I began my writing career in the year of 2012 due to my love for the metal community, and have since moved onto a second role as the Tech-Wiz of PoM - taking good care of our website. My favourite music genres are Progressive Metal in all its different shapes and Melodic Death Metal.

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