MAZE OF FEELINGS full album premiere, ‘Maze Of Feelings (2018)’, via

MAZE OF FEELINGS “Maze Of Feelings” out on February 23 via Bad Mood Man Music. Today is album exclusive premiere via POWEROFMETAL.DK

This album brings seven tracks of melodic death/doom with heavy classic and progressive influences. You can hear there a lot of strong guitar riffs, full charged emotional harmonies, smooth passages, deep growls, clean voices and organic intensive rhythm section. Album includes seven different stories which will take you on a journey through the maze of feelings and will feed your mind with all the emotions that the human knows.

MAZE OF FEELINGS is the polish – russian band created by Marcin Warzyński & Krzysztof Wieczerzycki In the band are involved Андрей Карпухин (Andrey Karpukhin), Иван Гуськов (Ivan Guskov) who are known from Abstract Spirit, COMATOSE VIGIL, Mare Infinitum, Szymon Grodzki (Gnida, Sammath Naur, Invent-Sound Studio) and one of the best metal drummer Dariusz Daray Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, ex-Vader).

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