Exit Empire premieres new official video ‘Forging My Own Crown’ exclusive via powerofmetal.dk

powerofmetal.dk proudly presents the exclusive Denmmark premiere of the video ‘Forging My Own Crown’ delivered by the band Exit Empire.

Their sound has been described like this:

“…epic and modern-day sound that seems to be larger than life, or at least would fit perfectly well in arenas and massive venues. In fact, this is today’s variant of arena-rock.” – Merchants of Air (http://www.merchantsofair.com/albums/exit-empire-exit-empire)

Frontman Rafael Eimut shares his thoughts:

“With this song, we wanted to express the duality of emotions you experience when creating something. Whether it’s art, music or starting a business. You must be strong to follow your passion and vision, but at the same time, you are extremely vulnerable and basically hard to live with.”

“So we wanted to give something back to our friends and fans who support us in our own journey of creating music,” says the director, Exit Empire’s own guitarist Timmy Ruzicka. “We invited them to a party in our rehearsal room, grabbed a camera and just shot the whole thing unscripted. The result is a very authentic video with a positive vibe, the one we’ve been gaining strength from because of these people. Now we hope it will give strength back to our listeners and viewers.”

The Deluxe Edition of the Exit Empire’s self-titled album is out now. For the acoustic bonuses it contains, the band just today released these music videos:

https://youtu.be/pwx0jFgJs88 (Ignore Me, acoustic)

https://youtu.be/ZyzyE7RRHf8 (Nobody Else, stripped)

The album is available for free at https://exitempire.bandcamp.com.

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