Exclusive track premiere of the forthcoming new CLOAK album, entitled ‘To Venomous Depths’

This is a bunch of US-hopefuls well worth checking out – if you are into the likes of Tribulation & Co. to drop just one name.

Their debut full-length, ‘To Venomous Depths’ is simply a perfect amalgamation of Nordic black metal with catchy hooks and melodic rock. And while the
Americans are not claiming to be reinventing the wheel, their outstanding song-writing is catapulting this album to the top.

CLOAK have named DISSECTION, DEEP PURPLE, and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM as main influences, but their harsh yet groove-fuelled sound has invited critics to draw comparisons with such acts as TRIBULATION, WATAIN, and YOUNG AND IN THE WAY.


1. To Venomous Depths / Where No Light Shines (7:53)

2. Within the Timeless Black (6:56)

3. The Hunger (6:10)

4. Beyond the Veil (6:42)

5. Death Posture (4:06)

6. In the Darkness, the Path (6:33)

7. Forever Burned (6:12)

8. Passage (2:47)

9. Deep Red (10:05)

Total playing time: 57:24


Scott Taysom: voice, guitar

Max Brigham: guitar

Matt Scott: bass

Sean Bruneau: drums





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