Crushing track premiere ‘Sangre Para Los Dioses’ of the forthcoming new IMPUREZA album on Power of

The second track premiere of the forthcoming new IMPUREZA album, La Caída De Tonatiuh, which will be out on November 10th. The song ‘Sangre Para Los Dioses’ is streaming exclusive on Power of Enjoy!

IMPUREZA comment: ‘In the name of their gods the Aztec people makes human sacrifices in order to feed and honour their divinities. These sacrifices and rituals allow to preserve the balance of nature and thus bring prosperity and protection to the whole dynasty. The Aztec vow an adoration and submission cult to their gods. The rite of human sacrifice is practised regularly and massively.

We are proud to present “Sangre Para Los Dioses”! This alone title represents the very essence of Impureza’s universe, a condensed version of our Iberian roots and a total fusion between extreme music and Spanish sounds. Discover our most exotic song composed to date, tribal, brutal and flamenco.’


Founded in 2004, IMPUREZA is a French-Spanish band who plays Hispanic Extreme Metal music.
It has been 10 years now since their music sounds in a unique style that makes them the pioneers of this style. These fine swordsmen of metal music proudly brandish their arms which are Iberian sonorities combined with death metal.
Indeed they mix the brutality of metal music and Spanish folk music brilliantly thanks to the use of acoustic guitars, the singing completely performed in Spanish and the wild rhythms of flamenco! This inventive mix is only equaled by the originality, creativity and ancestral sincerity of its founder Lionel Cano Muñoz and his “compañeros” Esteban Martín. Both are of Spanish origin and draw their inspirations in this strong identity which allows Impureza to make this original concept concrete.

Esteban Martín brings his multiple vocal facets to the music of the band such as the typical growl of death metal but also gives an original color with his clear way of singing inspired among others by gipsy singer “Camarón de la Isla”! As for Lionel Cano Muñoz, he juggles between the aggressivity and saturation of his 7 strings electric guitar and the Spanish sound of flamenco guitar! Moreover Florian Saillard allows the quatuor to have a good balance in these compositions thanks to a duality of instruments: the 6 strings fretless electric bass guitar and the acoustic guitar to go with Lionel’s flamenco parts and thus creates a very hot and Spanish atmosphere! The band is backed up by the exceptional rythmics of its drummer, Guilhem Auge who by his stage experience and extremely fast and incisive way of playing allows to bring this strong and powerful bases Impureza shows with its Hispanic groove.

The band has often been nicknamed the “French Nile” because of its initial influence but also because of this spirit of creation which are death metal ferocity and the exotism of these warm sonorities! The members of Impureza have also been influenced by many artists among them Spanish guitar player “Paco de Lucía” and Behemoth, Morbid Angel and Krisiun, among others.

Impureza could defend its music in a hundred or so concerts through France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. They also took part in internationally renommed concerts like the Hellfest Open Air (twice 2007 & 2011), the Motocultor Open Air (twice too 2008 & 2012) and the 2015 Wacken which is the biggest metal festival in the world. Thanks to their victory in the W.O.A Metal Battle organised in France by Metallian. Impureza plays with Gojira, Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Benighted, Trepalium and Ultra Vomit. The band has recorded 3 demos, 2 splits, 1 EP but most of all an album “La Iglesia Del Odio” released in 2010 at Snakebite Production.

The band has established itself as the rising star of a new style and this despite the many changes of line-up which damaged its progression. Up to now Impureza is a quatuor of proud and determined musicians with multiple facets. They are precursors and unique and the ardent defensors of their “Hispanic Extreme Metal” music!

Impureza’s conquistadors will make you discover their Hispanic universe and you will drive in a full Spanish conquest through their unprecedented musical concept!

Impureza has just signed a contract with Season Of Mist and released his new album in 2017!


Esteban Martín – Vocals (Clean & Growl)
Lionel Cano Muñoz – Rhythm, Lead & Spanish Guitars
Olivier Hanoulle – Rhythm Guitar
Florian Saillard – Fretless Bass (Electric & Acoustic)
Guilhem Auge – Drums


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