ALKALOID full album premiere, ‘Liquid Anatomy’, via

The progressive extremists are streaming their album in full exclusive for DK via Enjoy fellow metalheads.

ALKALOID is defined through the field of tension created between various musical opposites. The band merges extreme metal and other genres of music into a unique progressive style that the listener might somehow find familiar but has not heard its exact like yet.

Drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURA, NECROPHAGIST, BLOTTED SCIENCE) and vocalist / guitarist Morean (DARK FORTRESS, NONEUCLID) founded ALKALOID in 2013. Their expressed goal was to extend the dynamic range used in metal to its extreme limits. A full line-up came together quickly with the addition of Christian Muenzner (OBSCURA, NECROPHAGIST, SPAWN OF POSSESSION) and Danny Tunker (ABORTED, GOD DETHRONED) on guitars, and Linus Klausenitzer (OBSCURA) on bass.

This collective of friends started to work on their debut album ‘The Malkuth Grimoire’, which was successfully crowdfunded and self-released in March 2015. After playing shows across Europe and a special gig in Cairo, Egypt which included a video shooting for their song “Cthulhu”, ALKALOID are now demonstrating insanely rapid musical progression with their second album.

Liquid Anatomy combines the maturity to be expected from veterans in the field of extreme metal with the fresh approach of a band eager to explore new paths.


1. Kernel Panic (5:42)

2. As Decreed by Laws Unwritten (8:09)

3. Azagthoth (5:38)

4. Liquid Anatomy (5:14)

5. In Turmoil’s Swirling Reaches (6:38)

6. Interstellar Boredom (5:07)

7. Chaos Theory and Practice (8:31)

8. Rise of the Cephalopods (19:42)

Total playing time: 64:40

All music and lyrics conceived, written, and performed by ALKALOID


Morean: vocals, guitars

Christian Muenzner: guitars

Danny Tunker: guitars, backing vocals

Linus Klausenitzer: bass

Hannes Grossmann: drums

Guest musician

Emilio Saura: additional percussion on “Azagthoth”

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