Abraham premieres new official video ‘Wind’ exclusive via powerofmetal.dk

powerofmetal.dk proudly presents the 4th and final single video premiere for Abraham’s video ‘Wind’. Enjoy!

Here’s what the band has to say:

“‘Wind’ is the first track off the fourth part of our upcoming album. This is the final era, the oryktocene, the reign of stones. You who have come so far, you have witnessed the downfall of humankind, the reign of ferocious plants and the psychedelic era of the god mycelium. Now, earth has been cleansed from all life. Whether animal, insect, plant, or mushroom : nothing remains, but a handful of stone-eating human-like survivors to witness this. The last cell, the last bit of bacteria, the slightest mitochondrion: every little brick of living has crystallized. Expect bare landscapes, a planet of sand and dust, an empty rock floating through space. And the according sound.“

Preorder: http://bit.ly/abrahamlhctdEU

ABRAHAM emerged from the flourishing Swiss music scene of the past decade. During their now 8 years of existence and through festivals and tours supporting Cult of Luna and The Ocean, the band have forged their reputation as one of the leading post metal bands in Europe — but this record here is really… something else. Something else in every imaginable regard: intensity. Conceptuality. Ferocity. Delivery. Obsession. Depth. Length. Darkness. Madness. Look, Here Comes The Dark! is, simply put, a concept album about the end of times: a classic postapocalyptic dystopia, like a musical version of McCarthy’s „The Road“, or Whitehead’s „Zone One“. The album is divided into four consecutive periods, one for each vinyl record, throughout which the story of the disappearance of all life on Earth is told. Each section is defined by a unique approach in terms of style, songwriting, degree of experimentation and choice of instrumentation. Producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna has taken an approach that honors each part’s own integrity and identity, and mixed the drums, guitars, synths, vocals diferently for each part, as if they were independent records.

An Eye On The Universe (2009)
The Serpent, The Prophet & The Whore (2012)

D. Schlagmeister – drums, vocals
J. Wierdmann – guitars, additional keys
M Axwielder – guitars
V. DiCabillo – bass
R. T. Especial – vocals, moog, noise


Pelagic Records

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