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Live Date: 6th August 2017
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In March, I headed over to Copenhagen to see ANTHRAX celebrating the 30th anniversary of Among the Living. This time, I’m making the same three-hour journey to witness another one of those stalwart 80s thrash metal bands grace the very same stage.

If I remember correctly, TESTAMENT‘s Live at Eindhoven was the third vinyl in my collection (after Priest’s Ram It Down and Metallica’s Master of Puppets and before Anthrax’s Spreading the Disease), and as you probably know, those early purchases of yours just have a special place in your metal heart.  All these years later, Testament remains one of those bands whom I keep coming back to, and not only their early material, I might add.

Along with them, the headliner have brought LAST IN LINE, the band that is almost the recording line-up of Dio’s Last In Line album. I say almost, because Jimmy Bain sadly passed away last year and has been replaced by former Ozzy/Billy Idol/Beggars & Thieves/etc. bassist Phil Soussan, and because keyboard player Claude Schnell was replaced by Erik Norlander (Delany/formerly of Ambeon/etc.), and because Ronnie himself also left us too soon in 2010. Filling in for Dio is Andrew Freeman (Snow/formerly of Lynch Mob and others).

It’s been a while since I saw Testament last (Wacken, 2012), and I’m looking forward to that, obviously, however, I’m also looking forward to hearing what Last In Line can do and to see if the package of heavy metal and thrash will go down well.

Amager Bio isn’t completely packed, but the turnout is more than decent for a Sunday evening – many of the people here tonight have obviously crossed the sound between Sweden and Copenhagen, and, well, the average age of the audience is fairly high. Let me put it like this: even with my 45 summers, I don’t feel particularly old in tonight’s company.

Let’s see how things fare.

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