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Live Date: 23rd February 2019
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When the Swedish progressive metal band Seventh Wonder visited Copenhagen on February 23rd, they were met by a sold out Beta2300.

Seventh Wonder had not played live in Denmark since 2007, and when seeing the packed venue, one could easily see that it had been a long wait for many, and some had even travelled from other parts of the world to experience the musical magic from the five Swedish talents.

At approximately 21:00, the guest act, Danish powermetal band Seven Thorns, entered the stage with a very energetic front man, vocalist Björn Asking, who got all visitors banging their fists in the air with his powerful voice and presence.

I had personally never seen them live before, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear such a powerful band and I was awed when I realized that they are based in this little country. A BIG kudos to the band who really got the audience warmed up for the headline act.

At 22:00, Seventh Wonder with singer Tommy Karevik went on stage in front of a cheering and welcoming crowd.

It had been a long time since I had felt this kind of energy at this particular venue.

You could actually FEEL the audience boosting and lifting the band up to perform their best.

Seventh Wonder released their latest album, Tiara, in 2018, and it was obvious that the fans had been spinning this album frequently as the audience almost out sang Tommy Karevik when the songs ‘Victorious’, ‘Everyones’ and the title track, ‘Tiara pt.1’, were performed.

The setlist also included songs from three previous albums, Waiting in the Wings, Mercy Falls and The Great Escape and although it had been a while since the band had been on tour playing together live, it was obvious that this was a band that had been together for almost 20 years and were tighter than ever.

When ‘Banish the Wicked’ from the album Waiting in the Wings and ‘Alley cat’ from The Great Escape were performed, keyboard player Andreas “Kyrt” Söderin, Bassplayer Andreas Blomqvist and guitarist “Johan Liefvendahl shined with their musicality and “speedy fingers”.

I have to point out that even though the vocalist, Tommy Karevik, with his powerful and perfectly pitched voice, is the front man, it is difficult to not feel the presence of bass player Andreas Blomqvist who is a magician with his instrument, and still makes it look so easy to do what he does.

Drummer Stefan Norgren who joined the band in 2011, has clearly become a  big part of the band and together with Andreas Blomqvist makes a very strong pair who create a solid foundation for the rest of the band to lean on.

All in all this was a night and concert to remember and it was overwhelming to see how Seventh Wonder took this small venue and made all visitors feel like they were part of a great experience.
Let’s just hope that we don’t have to wait another twelve years for that to happen again.

In hindsight, Andreas Blomqvist had the following comment about the concert:

“We were happy about the gig and to mention something more, we were overwhelmed by how people had travelled! People from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Ukraine and sickly enough Japan showed up. Absolutely incredible – so grateful!”

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