The Interbeing Release Show

Bremen Teater

Live Date: 21st June 2017
Event Type:


18.30 – Doors open
19.00 – Listening session in the theater hall
20.45 – Sons of Death Valley
23.00 – Afterparty

When I heard some rumors about another CD release party happening in the center of Copenhagen, I simply had to check it out myself again. This time around it was time to face the industrial groove machine The Interbeing, who was about to release their sophomore album Among The Amorphous. Honestly, I normally only visit concerts where I have some kind of idea what type of music the bands will be playing and which I of course enjoy to a certain level, but this band coming from my home country, somehow managed to slip pass my metal radar for 6 years, and I really had no clue of what I was about to experience. Before attending the event I checked out their debut on Spotify and my metalbrain was immediately seduced. This thing, this “Interbeing” was something new, big, scary creature coming from the heart of Denmark. I was clearly not prepared for it.

The main doors to the event opened up around 18:30, with the possibility to meet the boys and get some free beer, which is always a good way of getting my attention. Free beer, metal, oh-hh and of course free entrance, what’s not to like about it right? So this venue “Bremen Teater”, yes actually a theater, is not all news to me, last time I visited the theater I had a laugh watching the Danish comedy show “Live From Bremen”, so with that in mind I really didn’t have any ideá of how The Interbeing would pull this off on a fixed stage with seats etc. and everything surrounding it. This is bloody hell a metal band, not a comedy act. Right next to the entrance of the theater hall, a small venue was hidden in the corner, and it was clearly setup for tonight’s show supported by Sons of Death Valley and headlined by The Interbeing.

At 19:00 the doors to the theater hall was kicked in, and I decided to check out the inside of the theater hall to have an clear understanding of the lightning, room-size etc and prepare an attack plan for my photo shoots for the coming show to be presented in front of me. I decided to put myself in the front row close to the center of the main stage to allow my camera some closeup shoots of the band, still not owning a decent zoom linse, so I’m heavy relying on my 50mm and my legs to zoom in/out. Around 19:15 the manager Mirza (left side on the photo below) of the band came on stage to present The Interbeing to the audience (now counting family members close to the band, friends and metal-junkies/nerds like myself –  a couple of hundred peeps maybe), and then finally The Interbeing entered the stage in its human form named Dara Toibin (vocals), Jacob Hansen (bass), Boas Segel (guitars/programming), Torben Pedersen (guitars/vocals) and last but not least Kristoffer Egefelt (drums).

Mirza then kicked off the event asking some questions to the band about the long wait (6 years…) and the challenging album number 2. The first song ‘Spiral Into Existence’ of the new album was then introduced by Dara and then played out loud, very loud, on the speaker system installed in the teater. I didn’t really expect it to play this loud and clear, really impressive. Great start…

After the intro song did find it’s sleep, Mirza picks up his questions again and the audience are told about the progress of the album, Playstation vs. Logic (yes, Dara actually explains that the ideas to the debut album came along as sounds on his Playstation. how cool is that and what a time consuming progress O.o ), also the democratic approach to songwriting and selecting material for their second album, with everyone  involved and how their private life (becoming parents etc.) did impact/delay the creation of the second album to a certain degree.

Second track ‘Deceptive Signal’ is introduced, which btw. was the first single with a music video to be showcased (not here – maybe consider this for album number 3) of the album. One of the best videos produced this year imo, if not the best. I freaking love it. Check it out right here or see it in our Featured Video section 😉

We move on and continue listening to some other songs on the album, all introduced by Dara, who is explaining the “meaning” of the lyrics of the song playing on the “speaker system”. I really like this way of introducing the audience to the universe of “The Interbeing” and any other metal bands thinking of release shows should take a close look at these guys and learn some tricks.

At the end of the listening session/show some random questions are handed over by the audience to the musicians, like the band’s musical influences (Meshuggah and Fear Factory just to mention a few) etc. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and around 20:45 the band & manager say a “final” thank you, and leave the audience behind to prepare themselves for this evenings headliner show.

After I left the teatre hall I then decided to pickup a goody pack consisting of a multibag, CD and t-shirt (yes, finally XXL size available for this big guy), and then hang around to prepare my next photo shoot of Sons of Death Valley, before The Interbeing would be performing their latest album in a live version.

Absolutely one of the best release shows this year, and should you ever get the chance to experience these guys yourself, then don’t think twice and grab this great opportunity. It will definitely be well worth you time.

9 devils for hosting this event. Mission accomplished and one more fan on board.

Tommy Sonne Skøtt
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