Heavy Agger 2017

De Sorte Huse

Date: 19th May 2017 - 20th May 2017
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If you drive approximately one hour farther than the limits of what most people would call the known civilization in Denmark, you reach a place called Agger. In Agger, there are approximately 300 souls (not counting the one gazillion German tourist that are in the area every year), and a small group of these souls became famous three decades ago, when Danish national television broadcast their story. They were heavy metal fans, and they certainly stood out in this tiny society of fishermen and devout Christians. Danish television has followed up on their lives a couple of times, and given us an insight into their lives, thoughts, dreams, sickness, happiness and, you guessed it, deep love of metal music.

For those of you out there who like festivals to be totally laid back, I’d recommend you to go sometime. The atmosphere is unique, the people friendly and open, the surroundings like no other. The dunes of the west coast of Denmark are only a couple of hundred metres away, the venue is an old wooden building used by the people who secured the coastline as a workshop, and there’s only room for a mere 300 visitors.

You won’t find Slayer, Metallica or any of the other huge bands here, but mostly Danish bands, up and coming as well as veteran underground bands, plus a couple of bands from around the world. It’s all about the spirit of metal, and very much about the underground of the metal scene.

All pictures ©Aga Zu (unless stated otherwise) who has kindly let us use her amazing pictures. A huge thank you to Aga!

Thomas Nielsen
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