Date: 27th October 2018 - 27th October 2018
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Not so many days ago, I visited Voxhall to see a tour package consisting of five female fronted bands who played five different styles of metal. It was a great experience. The diverse expressions of hard music worked well together. The trend continues. Only, this time, the package is slightly smaller and only consists of Danish bands on a small tour of Denmark called ‘Geder & Forbandelser’ (Goats and Curses). The differences between them are noticable, though, and one wonders if it’ll work.

One thing doesn’t turn out as planned, mind. I’m being told at the door that I’m not supposed to take pictures myself. The ‘house photographer’ will take care of that and send me pictures. Mkay…how unsual is that? To be honest, I’m not amused. Part of reporting from the frontlines is to also deliver your own image account of the events. So, I’m slightly disgruntled when the first band takes to stage in front of the Aarhus audience.


Thomas Nielsen
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