Female Metal Voices Tour 2018


Date: 16th October 2018 - 16th October 2018
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Although one could raise the concern that in these #metoo times, a tour entitled Female Metal Voices 2018 Tour is a bit of an anachronism due to its focus on gender, one must also remember that marketing still is the gentle art of carving out something that is less usual.  Moreover, in this case, the exercise is also to draw the attention of those metalheads who have a penchant for bands fronted by members of the fair sex (I’m going to feminist hell for that last one).

The idea of bringing together no less than five female-fronted metal bands in one package could sound a trifle over the top, but it turns out to make sense eventually. Wait and see.

What from the outset is a bit problematic for the tour package consisting of Butcher Babies and Kobra And The Lotus is that neither of these bands are particularly big names in Denmark. Secondly, the tour doesn’t hit Copenhagen, but the more provincial Aarhus. Thirdly, it’s a Tuesday evening, and not only that, it’s a Tuesday evening during the autumn break, which means that most of the university students are out of town, visiting their mums and dads, most likely. Everything speaks for a thinly populated gig, something which is confirmed by the 53 punters who have stated that they’re going on the facebook event. Not very promising!

The turnout isn’t quite as bad as that, luckily. Still, we’re miles from sold out, and both yours truly and POM’s photographer who’s travelled all the way from Copenhagen for this event fear toe cringing silence for the support acts. This is not the case!

Thomas Nielsen
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