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Trials – This Ruined World

27th July 2015 Cristina

We all get into bands in very different ways and have experienced the “love at first listen” or the bands we gradually learned to love. But actually, very few bands blew my mind right away [Read »]

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Xandria – Fire & Ashes

26th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

Let’s face the truth: Xandria is one of the most well-known Symphonic Metal bands. And one of the best. Period. Last year, Xandria released their 6th studio album Sacrificium and now they are coming up with a [Read »]

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Soulfly – Archangel

25th July 2015 Thomas Nielsen

By 1996, Sepultura had grown into a metal monster. The Brazilian four-piece had not only shaken up thrash metal with ‘Beneath the Remains’ from 1989, they’d managed to go gold with ‘Arise’ (1991) and ‘Chaos A.D.’ [Read »]

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Orpheus Omega – Partum Vita Mortem

20th July 2015 Haydee G.

When I saw the tag ÔÇØMelodic DeathÔÇØ I quickly thought of my favorite bands in the genre e.g. Mors Principium Est, Kalmah, Hypocrisy, Carcass, At The Gates and so on. If one has listened to [Read »]