Album Reviews

Ghost – Meliora

16th August 2015 Thomas Nielsen

I’ve always been a bit hesistant in terms of excitement when bands feel an urge to dress up and hide behind masks. Do they really need to dress up to get attention? Is their music [Read »]

Album Reviews

Royal Hunt – Devil’s Dozen

15th August 2015 Kenn Jensen

Andre Andersen and his compatriots in Royal Hunt experienced their biggest success in the mid-90’s with D.C. Cooper behind the microphone, so the excitement was big when they decided to reunite back in 2011. Not [Read »]

Album Reviews

The V – Now or Never

14th August 2015 Kenn Jensen

Hiding behind the moniker The V is Veronica Freeman, of Benedictum fame. “Now or Never” is her first solo album and she is taking a different direction with this album than we are usually familiar [Read »]