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FIST – London 23/01/2016

2nd February 2016 Chris Galea

Location:             ‘The Unicorn’, London (England) Date:                     23rd January, 2016 Bands:                  Fist, Seven Sisters, Ascalon . My first encounters with the music of Fist had been numerous compilations, amongst which was Lars Ulrich’s “New Wave [Read »]

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Sabaton and Alestorm and Bloodbound Southampton

7th January 2016 Megan McMillan

Location: Southampton 02 Guildhall Date: 29th February 2016 Bands: Sabaton, Alestorm and Bloodbound Sabaton and Alestorm embark on a co-headline tour together along with Swedish metal heads, Bloodbound. One of their stops on this incredible tour is Southampton’s [Read »]

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Aalborg Metal Festival 2015

13th November 2015 Thomas Nielsen

FRIDAY I cannot start without thanking Lars and the other organisers of the Aalborg Metal Festival and congratulating the team, which this year has brought the legendary bands of the Deathcrusher tour + Sepultura + many talented combos [Read »]

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WOLFSBANE + QUARTZ: London, 15/10/2015

11th November 2015 Chris Galea

Location:      ‘The Dome’, London (England) Date:             15th October 2015 Bands:           Wolfsbane, Quartz, Speedtrap I rub my hands in glee….‘The Dome’ is going to be my home for the next 4 days: ’Live Evil’ festival preceded [Read »]

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Vardis + Diamond Head (London, July 2015)

21st October 2015 Chris Galea

Location: ‘Bush Hall’, London (England) Date: 18th July, 2015 Bands: Vardis, Diamond Head  . Despite having passed by countless times, this was my first visit to the venue. Its Victorian-style decor is an atypical environment [Read »]

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Powerwolf – London, 9th September 2015

29th September 2015 Chris Galea

Location:    ‘Islington Academy’, London (England) Date:          9th September, 2015 Bands:        Powerwolf, Orden Ogan, Xandria 3 hours before the scheduled opening of the ‘Islington Academy’, a sizeable crowd has already gathered at its entrance, most sporting [Read »]