Viper Soup Complex

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Viper Soup Complex consists of five musical misfits.

The band was formed in 2012 by Owen, Michael, and Julian who had just left Nisga Project and were looking for something a little heavier and more br00tal. Annemarie was recruited soon after in order to add a vocal and narrative element to the music, as well as to provide that little theatrical flavour that became one of VSC’s main ingredients.

David was later unwittingly ensnared in their schemes after being coerced into attending one of their rehearsal sessions (he didn’t really put up much of a fight). Together they created their first full-length track, Taxidermy Hotel.

In early 2015, Julinu parted ways with the band for academic and geographical reasons. Summoned from the depths to replace him and wreak havoc on the drum-kit was Melchior, the elusive octopus-man.

December 2015 saw the band’s live debut at Prog the Islands, which temporarily raised the average duration of songs being played in Paceville to 6 minutes 43 seconds. The overwhelming reaction that VSC received only motivated the band to pursue its vision even further.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and Owen resigned from his post as axe-man citing musical differences. Finding someone to fill his sizeable shoes was no easy matter.. but one fateful night the stars aligned and a mysterious British gentleman showed up behind the garage door. This was none other than our beloved Jeeves who then proceeded to secure himself a spot in the musical family with his entrancing, sinister melodies.

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