In the 1970s, Joey DeMaio was a bass tech for Black Sabbath and played with David “Rock” Feinstein in David Feinstein’s Thunder. He met Ross the Boss while on tour with Black Sabbath (“We met on English ground…”) and Manowar were formed.

According to the band’s official biography, Scott Columbus was such a ferocious drummer in his prime that normal drum sets would shatter by the end of a gig. This led to the use of custom stainless steel drum sets to avoid costly replacements for every show.

When the band “inked” a deal with Megaforce Records in 1983 (Music for Nations in the UK), the contract was signed in their own blood to mark the occasion.

Scott Columbus left Manowar between Kings of Metal and The Triumph of Steel, the reason stated at the time being to care for his ill son. He rejoined in time for 1996’s Louder than Hell along with new guitarist Karl Logan. Columbus was missing from the Manowar line-up since 2008 due to unspecified “personal tragedies.” Rhino filled in on tour in 2008 and Donnie Hamzik returned to take his place in 2009 before Columbus confirmed in 2010 that he had left permanently. He also stated at this point that his son was never ill at the time of his first departure.

Manowar renewed their world record as loudest band of the world in the Magic Circle Fest 2008. Their new record is 139 decibels, which is roughly as loud as a jet engine at a distance of 100 feet and capable of causing permanent hearing damage.

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