Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) by Tim Roth in the late ’90s, INTO ETERNITY first caught the attention of a small Dutch label that released their self-titled debut in 2000. Two years later, sophomore album Dead Or Dreaming – released internationally by Century Media Records, and supported by tours with Dying Fetus, Kataklysm and Hate Eternal – formally introduced the band to the metal world.
Handpicked by Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) in 2006, for an arena tour called the Gigantour alongside Opeth, Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy and Overkill. In 2007 Dream Theater took INTO ETERNITY on an arena tour all over the U.S.A. and Canada. It was a dream come true for the band.
One of the most critically acclaimed bands in metal and undoubtedly one of its hardest-working, INTO ETERNITY borrows from all aspects of heavy music to form the perfect blend of technicality, memorable songwriting, traditional heavy metal and the sheer savagery of metal’s extreme genres.
In March of 2012 the band inked a deal with a worldwide management company, Extreme Management Group (Suffocation, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Cattle Decapitation, etc.), based out of New York. This was the first step to solidifying an amazing team. A month later a deal was solidified with Rock The Nation, a United States based agency.
With singer Stu Block now on the road with Iced Earth, INTO ETERNITY recruited touring vocalist Amanda Kiernan and hit the road throughout 2012-2013. The response to Kiernan was so successful she is now the full time lead vocalist of INTO ETERNITY and will be the featured vocalist on the upcoming sixth album.
With their new record Sirens, Into Eternity takes the listener on an epic journey, combining the jarring aggression of old school thrash and death metal, the speedy instrumental precision of shred and prog metal, with triumphant choruses and the melodies of classic metal.

Reinier de Vries
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Once a metal head, always a metalhead. My parents thought it would only be a period, but they were wrong. I quit to explain the beauty of metal music to others that are not into metal, because it is something you can't tell in words... It is like explaining to a teetotaller why a cold beer is so nice on a hot day... I started with bands like Accept, Metal Church, Iron Maiden and Metallica in the eighties and I think I will still listen to them when I'm stone deaf and old...

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