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Mothers be warned! Keep an eye on your daughters! Taunting the common standards in extreme metal with their melodic, yet aggressive music, Dutch Insurrection brings you an exciting fresh breeze of ultimate catchy riffs, pounding bass and fast and tight drums. All topped off with frenzying vocals that gives you a true insight in how insanity really sounds.
Founded in 2008, the band from Northern Holland brought in a lot of experience from the start. The line-up consists of bandmembers that played/are playing in Dutch metalbands like Existence Denied, Mortuary I.O.D., Crushing Jackhammer and Enraged.
In the short period of time that Insurrection has existed, the band also already convinced a lot of people by both their shattering live performance and their extreme music as. With their 4th show ever for example, Insurrection ended up in the finals of the Dutch Metal Battle contest in early 2011. THE match for new talented metalbands from Holland.
Insurrection just started recording their first MCD, entitled “Catatonic” at Studio Audioshape together with help of producer Tjaard Walstra (ENRAGED, Leapers path). This first work of art is bound to be released in spring 2013.

Insurrection (NL) offers the perfect blend between brutality, melody and catchiness with their raging melodic death/thrash. Hailing from the north of the Netherlands, founded in 2008, these Dutch thrashers released their critically acclaimed 6-track debut EP ‘Catatonic’ on Big Bad Wolf Records in 2015. The release was subsequently promoted live on stage with more than 60 shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. Sharing stages with metal icons such as Destruction, Cryptopsy, Cradle Of Filth, Darkane and Hypocrisy amongst others.

Following up their successful debut EP, ‘Circles Of Despair’ displays Insurrection’s most diverse and melodic approach to their raging melodic death/thrash sound – without giving in on speed and anger at all. Ten tracks that go back to the core of what music should be all about: good songs, instead of trendy, overrated gimmicks. No fillers, only killers!

Insurrection worked with producer Fredrik Nordström, who has previously helmed efforts from In Flames, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir and dozens of others. As for the strikingly dark album art, the group linked up with Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design (Oceans Of Slumber, Evergrey. The Crown a.o.).

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