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Gwydion’s journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends that shared the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture. During these first stages of the band, three demos were presented to the Portuguese metal scene and dozens of gigs were performed throughout Portugal.

In 2007, Gwydion prepared to record their first full-length album “Ynys Mön”. Their originality and effort triggered the interest of the German label TROLLZORN, which offered a contract to release the album. With Ynys Mön, Gwydion finally started to draw some international attention and ultimately received an invitation to make an European tour in October 2008 with top bands TYR, HOLLENTHON, ALESTORM, and SVARTSOT: the RAGNAROK AASKEREIA’S TOUR.

During 2009, Gwydion played in nearly all major metal Portuguese metal festivals, delivering a distinct sound and attitude, and received continuously great feedback. At the end of the year, Gwydion finished the recordings and production of their second album “Horn Triskelion”. “Horn Triskelion” truly represented fifteen years of accumulated experience and ideas. The readers of Portugal’s biggest metal magazine LOUD magazine have chosen GWYDION to be the 2nd best band over 2010 + their album “Horn Triskelion” was considered the 3rd best album of 2010!

In 2013, Gwydion presented “VETERAN”. Fans experienced a slightly different musical-style, as the music was much more epic and “metal” than folk compared to the previous release. Since the beginning of the band, they had a very influential epic component in their songs, so naturally when they created “VETERAN”, they decided to have a strong mixture of heavy metal riffs and epic/folk songs. “VETERAN” is a story of a warrior since it’s birth through his training, conquests and defeats with relevance to the History of Portugal. VETERAN was nominated by Metal Storm website for best Folk Metal album of 2013.

Now in 2018 after a band hiatus Gwydion are back with a new formation and are eager to reconquer their place in the Epic Folk Metal world! The new Album “THIRTEEN” is going to be released on 6 of July 2018 and it will be the most epic, dramatic, folk and strong album from Gwydion up to date!!! It will be divided in two parts, one talks about known Viking personalities and the other part about the Viking invasion in Portugal! The name “Thirteen” is related to this last part!

Daniel César       keyboards
Miguel Kaveirinha            guitars
João Paulo          guitars
Bruno Ezz            bass
Pedro Dias          Vocals
Pedro Correia    Drums
“Thirteen”              Full-length          2018
“Veteran”              Full-length          2013
“Horn Triskelion”  Full-length          2010
“Ŷnys Mön”            Full-length          2008

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