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“Flummox” is a word one may use to describe the act of being confused, bewildered, & perplexed. For example: “I was rather flummoxed today when I discovered my uncle on the couch cuddling with a baby manatee covered in cod liver oil.” or “My uncle did not mean to flummox me when I walked in on him having intimate relations with a greasy sea cow.” This is the feeling that the band, Flummox, channels into their sound & stage show – & they don’t even have to get your uncle involved.

As of 2018, the band has shared the stage with a wide variety of performing artists, including The Obsessed, Eyehategod, Fable Cry, Chuck Mosley of Faith No More, Black Crown Initiate, Howling Giant, Iron Man, the Beyond Wings Circus, Black Fast, The Dead Deads, Random Conflict, Oubliette, Mos Generator, Place of Skulls, & Dee Calhoun. The band currently exists as a quintet featuring Dellinger, Jones, Lampley, Pfeifer, & new guitarist, Chase McCutcheon. With a third album slated to be released in the summer of 2018, Flummox is just getting started with their quest for world wide domination of the sanity & free will of mankind. Prepare to get flummoxed, or get the fuck out.

Tommy Sonne Skøtt
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I began my writing career in the year of 2012 due to my love for the metal community, and have since moved onto a second role as the Tech-Wiz of PoM - taking good care of our website. My favourite music genres are Progressive Metal in all its different shapes and Melodic Death Metal.

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