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Few German rock acts can look back at as long and successful a career as Bonfire. Counting their predecessor – a group called Cacumen, which was also founded by Hans Ziller and featured more or less the same line-up – the band has been around since 1972, has operated under its current moniker since 1986 and released more than two dozen albums. During themost successful phase of their career, Bonfire counted – alongside the Scorpions and Accept – among Germany’s threeinternationally most acclaimed acts, celebrating major success all over Europe and worldwide. Bonfire’s trademarks are and have always been deeply melodic hard rock songs, driven by captivating guitars, grooving rhythms and haunting vocalmelodies.


Vocals: Alexx Stahl

Guitar: Hans Ziller

Guitar: Frank Pané

Bass: Ronnie Parkes

Drums: Tim Breideband

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