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Angel Nation was originally formed in 2011 In London by Finnish singer, Elina Siirala under the name EnkeliNation (Angel Nation in Finnish)

Elina comes from a family of renowned Classical musicians and has been singing classical and contemporary music since the age of 5. 

In 2008, Elina moved to London UK to continue her vocal studies. In 2011, after her studies ended, she formed the band. Early on, she was joined by guitarist Shadow (Empyreal Destroyer, Stand Aside, Shadow Venger). The first few years of the band were spent playing the local London scene and developing the live act, whilst going through many line-up changes. In September 2012, a 3 track,download only EP was released. 

In early 2014, a music video for the track ‘Tears of Lust’ was released, which helped the band gain a support slot with Van Canto which really helped the band take off. Later that year, the debut album ‘Tears of Lust’ was released with headline show at The Underworld in London, shortly followed by a slot at Bloodstock festival and a UK tour.
In 2015 a 2nd music video for the song ‘Last Time Together’ was released, which was fully funded through crowd funding, raising over £4,000. Later in the year, the band embarked on a small tour in Finland, including a show with Battle Beast, and played some UK shows with the band Leaves’ Eyes. The later part of 2015 and early 2016 were spent, writing/recording the 2nd album. During this time, the decision was made to try translating the name of the band from EnkeliNation, to Angel Nation, since many have struggled to spell, pronounce and understand EnkeliNation.

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