Abolishment of Flesh


Abolishment of Flesh is an Extreme Metal band hailing from Texas. The band was founded in 2006 by Ramon Cazares and at the time went by the name “Abolishment”. At the time Ramon started the band as the drummer and recruited Chuy Camacho on Bass, Carlos Melendez on Guitar and Pablo Gonzales on Vocals. AOF performed several local shows opening for major touring bands that came through town.

A year later, the band went to the studio to record a full length self titled release. The album also included a cover song called “SecretFace” from the band “DEATH”. With music recorded for promotion, the band started doing more shows and festivals regionally and started to build their fan base.

Due to the band becoming more active, the band went through various members. Eventually, Ramon moved to guitar and vocals and that’s when it was decided to change the name to Abolishment of Flesh. AOF began to tour nationally increasing their fan base significantly and making their mark as an up and coming band.

In 2013, AOF signed to Extreme Management Group(EMG). With a professional management team, AOF began working on promoting the band on a national level.

Abolishment of Flesh continues to go through various members and eventually recruited Izaak Chavez as a fulltime member. AOF uses session bassists and drummers for live performances.

Abolishment of Flesh has toured the US and Mexico on major tours and festivals.

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