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Sarea – Black At Heart

23rd May 2017 Sophie Ruhnke

Three years have passed since Sarea, the modern melodic metal band from Norrköping, Sweden, released their album This Is Not Goodbye. Supporting the band since my review of the very same album, I was now [Read »]

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Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud

30th August 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

After more than 25 years of extolling finnish myths musically, Amorphis once again read through the Kalevala to find new topics which could be turned into music. It’s already the 12th time that Amorphis are hitting the studio, [Read »]

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Xandria – Fire & Ashes

26th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

Let’s face the truth: Xandria is one of the most well-known Symphonic Metal bands. And one of the best. Period. Last year, Xandria released their 6th studio album Sacrificium and now they are coming up with a [Read »]

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Jonne – Jonne

17th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

Imagine being in a (successful) band and writing new songs. But the new songs sound completely different from what your band is used to play. But you like the songs and you need to record [Read »]

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Vesperia – The Iron Tempests EP

15th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

When I read the words “Epic Metal”, my mind creates a whole movie soundtrack. There is a big orchestra playing… well, epic melodies, and I imagine massive fight scenes involving vikings, knights and something like that. And [Read »]

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Naïve – Altra

12th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

Naïve is a French band which really aroused my interest with their genre: Electro/Trip-Hop/Metal. I couldn’t imagine what this style would sound like, so I got curious and gave their new record Altra, which was already [Read »]