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Sludgehammer-The Fallen Sun

22nd June 2016 Megan McMillan

Hailing from Toronto, Sludgehammer, has unleashed their vicious thrash and groove metal infused style unto the world with the release of their 1st album, The Fallen Sun. From the get go, these guys demonstrate a [Read »]

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Destruction – Under attack

18th May 2016 Megan McMillan

Germany has produced some of the best metal bands over the years from an array of sub genres. Destruction are stars over there and are one of the biggest names in the thrash scene. While many [Read »]

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Blood Youth – Closure

13th March 2016 Megan McMillan

For Blood Youth 2016 sees the release of their second EP, titled Closure. The Harrogate based quintet are a breathe of fresh air in the metal scene, offering listeners a delicious blend of hard core, [Read »]

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Revenience – Daedalum

26th February 2016 Megan McMillan

Revenience are a new act to enter the European metal scene only coming together as a group last year. The enigmatic five piece hail from Bologna, Italy and have released their first full length album, [Read »]

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Aborted – Termination Redux

21st February 2016 Megan McMillan

Belgian tech death metal outlet, Aborted are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and what better way to celebrate than by releasing an EP. Termination Redux offers fans four new tracks that blend new and [Read »]

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Fleshgod Apocalypse – KING

6th February 2016 Megan McMillan

Italian technical death metal outlet, Fleshgod Apocalypse, have truly made a name for themselves since their formation in 2007 in the extreme metal community. Now, with three albums under their belt, they release their fourth [Read »]

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Sanguine – Black Sheep

2nd February 2016 Megan McMillan

If you’re looking for a different female fronted metal band to your typical symphonic metal bands, then you should definitely take a chance on Sanguine. Sanguine originate from Exeter, Devon and they’re another great example [Read »]