Album Reviews

Overdoze – Supreme Dosage

24th January 2016 Matt Fabi

This is a pretty decent first attempt from 3-piece Finnish thrashers Overdoze. There’s a lot of raw power which is good, but it needs direction, and if only the mixing was better I could be [Read »]

Album Reviews

Blood Red Saints – Speedway

21st December 2015 Matt Fabi

I have no idea why they called this album ‘Speedway’. Almost every song is a ballad. The pace has nothing about it that could even be remotely linked to that title as far as I [Read »]

Album Reviews

Macbeth – Imperium

27th September 2015 Matt Fabi

Not to be confused with the Italian gothis metal band of the same name. Say ‘German thrash metal’ and a lot of people think of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction etc. There are elements of the former [Read »]

Album Reviews

Wings Of Destiny – Time

4th August 2015 Matt Fabi

Well, this is a fairly typical power metal album from six Costa Rican metalheads calling themselves Wings Of Destiny. It is quite formulaic. All of the lyrics are about mythology or angels. Ok, it’s power [Read »]

Live Reviews

Hellfest 2015

20th July 2015 Matt Fabi

So it’s my 3rd consecutive Hellfest and before I start on the bands, some time must be given to acknowledge in how many other ways there are besides the music that make this festival stand [Read »]