Interview with Thornbridge

27th March 2016 Matt Fabi

Last month I reviewed the new album “What Will Prevail” by German power metallers Thornbridge and they were also kind enough to take the time a short while afterwards to answer some questions I had [Read »]

Album of the Month

Voivod – Post Society

3rd March 2016 Matt Fabi

When we get sent new material to review we a get a big list which gives us the label, band, title of the release, genre and release date. In that order. I mention this because [Read »]

Album Reviews

Delain – Lunar Prelude

25th February 2016 Matt Fabi

My introduction to Delain was some years ago as one of the opening acts at the 2010 UK edition of Sonisphere. At that stage, though enjoyable, I wouldn’t really have considered them to be peers [Read »]

Album Reviews

Thornbridge – What Will Prevail

18th February 2016 Matt Fabi

Often the places that spawn a new genre are the best at producing it. Scandinavia for black metal, USA for thrash, so with power metal it’s no surprise that the best of it has, for [Read »]

Album Reviews

Skunk Anansie – Anarchytecture

6th February 2016 Matt Fabi

I was so excited to get sent this. Again, an element of nostalgia cannot be avoided. I still have my copies of Stoosh and Paranoid and Sunburnt (on tape so I can’t play them on [Read »]

Album Reviews

Overdoze – Supreme Dosage

24th January 2016 Matt Fabi

This is a pretty decent first attempt from 3-piece Finnish thrashers Overdoze. There’s a lot of raw power which is good, but it needs direction, and if only the mixing was better I could be [Read »]

Album Reviews

Blood Red Saints – Speedway

21st December 2015 Matt Fabi

I have no idea why they called this album ‘Speedway’. Almost every song is a ballad. The pace has nothing about it that could even be remotely linked to that title as far as I [Read »]

Album Reviews

Macbeth – Imperium

27th September 2015 Matt Fabi

Not to be confused with the Italian gothis metal band of the same name. Say ‘German thrash metal’ and a lot of people think of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction etc. There are elements of the former [Read »]