Album Reviews

Stahlmann – CO2

21st August 2015 Markus Falkenberg

Most Metal bands prefer to sing in English, which is why it is always nice for a German fan to come across a German Metal band that sings in German. I’m not sure how this [Read »]

Album Reviews

Sotajumala – Raunioissa

21st June 2015 Markus Falkenberg

The first thing I noticed about Sotajumala’s album was its speed. It starts surprisingly slow and – with few exceptions – remains slow, but without sacrificing its heaviness in any way or form. There are [Read »]

Album Reviews

Dendera – Pillars Of Creation

15th June 2015 Markus Falkenberg

Dendera’s “Pillars of Creation” is definitely an interesting album and I am sure that many fans will enjoy the album. There is, however, something about it that people should be aware of before they invest [Read »]