Album Reviews

Burnt Out Wreck – Swallow

10th February 2017 Markus Falkenberg

Burnt out Wreck again. This time the review is not about the single ‘Swallow’, but rather about the album of the same name. Fans who have read my earlier review of the aforementioned single will [Read »]

Album Reviews

Avenford – New Beginning

20th January 2017 Markus Falkenberg

“Courage”, “face your fears”, “keep on fighting” are all tropes that you see a lot in all Metal genres and not just in Power Metal. The only difference is that Power Metal embraces these tropes [Read »]

Album Reviews

Mystic Prophecy – Vengeance

6th January 2017 Markus Falkenberg

Many of you might already own Mystic Prophecy’s “Vengeance” as this here is a re-release from an album that was originally released back in 2001. So, longterm fans of the band will obviously not have [Read »]

Album Reviews

Red Cain – Red Cain

18th November 2016 Markus Falkenberg

Already a superficial first listening to Red Cain’s self-titled EP will convince many a listener that we are dealing with a very ambitious band here. The production is good and one can literally feel that [Read »]